How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby - Effective Ways
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How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby – Effective Ways

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It is incredibly joyful and exciting to welcome a new member into your family. It also prompts some questions, such as how to set limits when it comes to your child’s health and well-being.

Asking grandparents—especially grandmothers—politely to stop kissing the baby is one frequent source of anxiety. Despite their good intentions and affection, it’s important to safeguard your child from potential illnesses.

This article will walk you through the steps of having an honest and kind discussion with your grandmother about not kissing the baby. We’ll give you practical tips and methods for communicating that put the welfare of your infant and your relationship with your grandmother first.

Consequently, if you’re unsure of how to handle this delicate situation, join us as we explore how to express your worries while upholding the ties of love and family.

Is It OK to Ask Grandparents Not to Kiss Your Baby

How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby - Effective Ways

As a novice (or even an experienced person! ), it is simple to doubt yourself.) parent. Is your level of protection too high? Finding the right balance is so difficult.

Setting boundaries with your family may be something you’ve never done before, and while it’s never fun, it can be particularly challenging when you’re dealing with your partner’s family. It takes some trial and error to figure out your parenting style, but you can make an informed decision in this case because there is abundant medical evidence.

Any type of virus is dangerous to newborns because they lack a fully developed immune system to defend them against even the most widespread bugs.

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Why is Kissing Babies Dangerous?

As there is a chance of spreading the illness, kissing a newborn baby could be harmful. Babies immune systems are still developing when they are born, making it impossible for them to fend off disease the way that adults can.

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Additionally, until they receive the necessary vaccinations to protect them from specific diseases, extra caution must be exercised.

How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby - Effective Ways

Herpes, which is typically a simple illness for adults but can be fatal in babies, is one of the main worries when kissing babies. While cold sores typically don’t make adults or older kids feel too sick, the herpes virus can be more dangerous for infants.

Neonatal herpes is an infection in a young baby that, if left untreated, can develop into a very serious condition. Because their immune systems have not yet fully developed and are therefore unable to combat the virus, cold sores can be dangerous to infants.

Although it’s uncommon, grandparents should be cautious when kissing or being in close proximity to infants because they could contract neonatal herpes.

Best Tips for How to Tell Grandparents Not to Kiss Baby

How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby - Effective Ways

You’ve considered the dangers and come to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be a good idea to let your grandparents kiss your child.

Like us, you probably dread the thought of breaking the news to Grandma or Grandpa that kissing is forbidden. Here are some suggestions to help you go about this the right way…

Blame the Doctor

When it comes to the dangers of letting a family member kiss your baby, talk to your doctor.

A less confrontational way to justify your decision might be to say that it is “a doctor’s order” if the doctor concurs that you need to set boundaries and tell your child’s grandparents to refrain from kissing your child.

They will understand that your decision was made for medical reasons and that you are not trying to get even with them.

Be Open and Honest

How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby - Effective Ways

Since you’ll be speaking with your own parents or in-laws, it’s best to be open and honest when establishing rules such as prohibiting grandparents from kissing your baby or other restrictions.

Make it clear why you don’t want your grandparents to kiss the baby and why, despite the fact that making this choice was one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do, you think it’s the right one.

Be Polite But Firm

Respectfully informing your in-laws and grandparents that you need to establish some ground rules will result in much better results.

Let them know that you appreciate their involvement in your life and the life of your child and that you are not attempting to offend them, but that you must prioritize your child’s health. While expressing yourself as politely as you can, be steadfast in your choice.

Form a United Front

How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby - Effective Ways

When speaking with your own parents, it might be alluring to place the blame on your partner if you have one.

But this won’t hurt you until your partner realizes they’ve been used as a scapegoat or until your parents’ reaction to what you told them affects how they view your partner.

If you’re going to forbid your parents from kissing your child, especially on the face, this is a decision that you and your partner should have made together. When establishing boundaries, you should stand as a unit and state unequivocally that this crucial choice was made jointly.

Is It Ok to Kiss Babies on Their Head Or Faces?

How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby - Effective Ways

You can allow your parents to kiss your child on the head and face if you feel comfortable doing so. However, there is a chance that if you permit one head kiss, they might get carried away and kiss more of their face, running the risk of kissing their lips.

Additionally, if you are unaware of the kiss and do not thoroughly wash your baby’s face, the person who kissed your child may have a cold sore, which could spread if you do not know about the kiss. Cold sores can sometimes take a few days to manifest themselves after becoming contagious.

You can consider the areas where you may allow a kiss, such as a forehead or cheek if your parents don’t agree to refrain from kissing your child and you find the conflict to be too much.

Wrapping Up

How to Tell Grandma Not to Kiss the Baby - Effective Ways

We hope this article has helped you find a polite way to tell your grandmother or other family members not to kiss your child. In other words, it’s not that difficult to prevent them from kissing your child without inflicting harm.

You can politely inquire, present the evidence, establish guidelines for when to kiss your newborn, engage in conversations prior to the birth of your child, or explain that it is the doctor’s order.

They will feel sympathetic toward you as long as you are kind and collected. I hope you find this post to be useful.

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