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Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare Or Common?

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Do you believe your blonde eyelashes are unique? For a long time, I assumed the same thing, yet there are many people with blonde lashes and brows. Did you know that humans have naturally white eyelashes as well?

Whether you have blonde or white lashes, it is difficult to make them appear above your eyes in both circumstances. Darker eyelashes, on the other hand, are thicker and more abundant than lighter lashes, offering more covering and a broader appearance. They are also more visible against lighter skin tones, making the eyes look larger and more open.

While blonde eyelashes appear to be uncommon among persons of dark or brown hair ethnicities, they are widespread among natural redheads and blondes. Only 2% of the world’s population has naturally blonde hair, according to statistics. However, not everyone with light hair has blond lashes.

In this essay, I’ll go over some statistics concerning how uncommon blonde eyelashes are and if all persons with blonde hair have lighter-colored lashes.

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare?

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare Or Common?

Blonde eyelashes are uncommon in persons with dark hair, but not in natural blondes and redheads. Because just 2% of the world’s population has naturally blond hair, it’s hardly surprising that this sort of lash is uncommon.

Furthermore, some natural blondes have darker lashes. However, no one with dark hair can have naturally light lashes.

Blonde eyelashes might become difficult to see if you don’t wear mascara since they mix in with the skin and appear invisible.

It can also make your eyes appear smaller in persons with light-colored lashes since just the eyelids and not the lashes are seen.

Because of this invisibility, one’s eye may appear swollen as the black lashes provide structure.

Is It Possible for a Blonde to Have Black Eyelashes?

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare Or Common?

Yes, a blonde may have black brows and eyelashes. People with blonde hair on their heads, on the other hand, are more likely to have dark brown lashes rather than black lashes. People with blonde hair on their legs and arms might also have dark eyelashes.

As a result, it is evident that there is no direct relationship between the color of your eyelashes and the color of the rest of your body hair. According to one research, the color of one’s brows is determined by eight genes. And practically every individual with blonde eyelashes will also have blonde eyebrows.

As a result, there is a direct correlation between the color of the brows and the color of the lashes.

Further, someone with blonde hair all over their body is less likely to have black or brown eyelashes. They might have a darker tint of blonde.

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Why Are My Eyelashes Blonde?

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare Or Common?

Blond eyelashes can be caused by an individual’s genetics and history.

The quantity of melanin in a person’s hair, as well as their eyelashes and brows, determines the color of their hair.

Natural blond hair does not necessarily imply blond eyelashes, although it is true in the majority of situations.

Furthermore, as you age, your eyelashes may turn blond.

How to Darken Blonde Eyelashes?

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare Or Common?

Blonde eyelashes are uncommon, but the battle to make them darker is widespread. All of the traditional techniques people use to make their lashes appear darker and thicker would be required. The following are some methods for darkening your blonde eyelashes:

1. Use the Tightlining Technique

Have you ever noticed how some people appear to have lashes that are incredibly black and thick? They may not be born with amazing lashes, but they may be employing a method known as eyelash tightening.

Tightlining is a technique for putting mascara as near to the lash line as feasible. It makes your blonde lashes appear darker and fuller without looking overdone.

To tight line, use a gel or liquid eyeliner to fill in the area between your lashes at the lash line. You may also use the primer to coat the base of your lashes. Apply mascara from the bottom to the tips of your blonde eyelashes using short, upward strokes.

You may also apply this method on your lower lash line but don’t overdo it or you’ll get raccoon eyes. With some practice, you will master the technique of tightening.

2. Make Use of an Intense Dark Color Mascara

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare Or Common?

Mascara is one of the most effective techniques to make your blonde lashes appear darker and more dramatic. Choosing the perfect mascara, on the other hand, might be difficult. If you have light or blonde lashes, you should use black mascara to assist emphasize their color.

Begin by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler for the finest results. It will assist to open up your eyes and raise your lashes.

Then, using a zig-zag motion, apply a tiny layer of mascara to your top lashes, beginning at the bottom and working your way up.

Wiggle the brush back and forth to help disperse the substance evenly. Finally, if required, apply a second layer of mascara.

3. Blonde Eyelash Tinting

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare Or Common?

Blonde eyelash tinting is the process of dying the lashes in order to make them look darker and fuller. The effects normally last many weeks, and there are many different colors to pick from. If you want to attempt eyelash tinting, you must first choose a trustworthy salon that does the treatment.

When you choose a salon, they will most likely ask you to sign a disclaimer and then do a patch test on your skin to check that you are not allergic to the color. After the patch test, coloring your blonde lashes is rather straightforward.

4. Close the Eyelash Gap

Are Blonde Eyelashes Rare Or Common?

Filling in the spaces between your lashes is an excellent method to make your lash line look bigger. Pick up a small brush and sweep it across a dark brown or black eyeliner to obtain this effect.

Then, apply it to fill in the gaps between your lashes. This procedure will also assist to define your lashes. You may also use a gel liner or a pencil liner to apply straight to your lids.

If you wish to wear eyeliner on your lids, take a Q tip and use it to remove the eyeliner. As a result, the product will only linger in the spaces between your lashes, giving it a more delicate appearance.

Blonde Eyelashes


Only 2% of individuals are blonde, yet not all of them have blonde eyelashes. Blonde lashes are more common among redheads or blondes with blonde hair all over their bodies. Blonde eyelashes are uncommon in comparison to black or brown lashes.

You cannot naturally darken your blonde eyelashes. However, applying castor on a regular basis and elevating them with a hot lash curler will make light lashes appear more noticeable. Additionally, if you want darker lashes, use the tight lining technique or apply strong black mascara.

FAQs of Blonde Eyelashes

Can Eyelashes Be Naturally Blonde?

Eyelashes and eyebrows that are naturally blonde are also present. Very frequently, the contrast between the skin and the brows or lashes is so low that you can’t even see them clearly at a distance. Some individuals darken their lashes and brows because they believe it looks good.

What Color Are Blonde People’s Eyelashes?

Short bottom lashes that can range in color from brown to white are typical of blondes.

What Color Are Most People’s Eyelashes?

Even though they typically appear darker on people with dark hair and lighter on people with light hair, their color may differ from that of the hair. Due to the androgenic nature of eyelash hair, puberty has no effect on it.

What Are the Rarest Eyelashes?

A rare condition known as distichiasis causes you to have two rows of eyelashes. You may also hear this condition referred to as double eyelashes.

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