Can I Use Vaseline for Ear Mites in Dogs - Fact or Fiction?
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Can I Use Vaseline for Ear Mites in Dogs – Fact or Fiction?

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We try to maintain the happiness and health of our canine companions as dog owners. It’s possible to find advice to use Vaseline as a possible treatment for ear mites when dealing with the problem.

We’ll investigate the connection between Vaseline and canine ear mites in this article to see if it’s true or not. We’ll discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of using Vaseline for this typical canine issue and give you secure substitutes to treat ear mites and lessen your dog’s discomfort.

Therefore, if you want to know the truth about using Vaseline to treat dog ear mites, join us as we sort out facts from fiction and put the health of your pet first.

What Are Ear Mites?

Can I Use Vaseline for Ear Mites in Dogs - Fact or Fiction?

Canine ear canals are home to tiny parasites known as ear mites, or Otodectescynotis. They may also occasionally live on your pet’s skin.

The eight-legged ear mites are related to spiders and ticks and are members of the same family as other arachnids.

The human eye can only just make them out because they are so small.

Thankfully, they are simpler to treat.

In contrast to flea pupae, which can endure without food for months, mites only live for a brief time inside the host.

They enjoy setting up shop in dogs but don’t mind living in your cat or other small furry animals as well.

They eat skin fat and earwax, which is why they adore the ear canal.

Similar to ticks and fleas, the arachnids do not burrow under the skin. Because of this, they are less dangerous and relatively simple to get rid of.

Can I Use Vaseline for Ear Mites in Dogs - Fact or Fiction?

The risk is that they are extremely contagious. The mites will spread quickly when the infected animal comes into contact with another animal or a person.

Your dog will scratch a lot due to ear mites. You’ll notice that your dog’s ears are secreting a brown substance that resembles coffee grounds in addition to shaking its head and scratching at them.

These bloody clumps were discovered in the ear canal. Frequently, a bad smell is present along with the secretions.

Additionally, the ear of your pet could seem swollen and red. Ear mites can make dogs already suffering from allergies even worse.

Can You Use Vaseline on Dog’s Ears?

The conventional wisdom holds that ear mites or other parasites in dog ears can be suffocated and killed using vaseline or comparable products like coconut oil. Veterinarian Hannah Godfrey concurs that vaseline may kill some mites, but it’s risky to try to get them all deeper inside the ear.

Can I Use Vaseline for Ear Mites in Dogs - Fact or Fiction?

In addition to numerous ear washes, ear mites require prescription antiparasitic treatment. Even seemingly harmless objects can cause problems when put into your dog’s delicate ears. Vaseline may seal in bacteria and yeast, making problems worse. A dog’s ears are particularly prone to infection.

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Can I Give My Dog Vaseline for Constipation?

Vaseline has been administered to dogs who are constipated by pet parents and even veterinarians. This is a challenging question because, yes, it functions in theory. The problem is that we don’t know of a precise dosage that is risk-free. We run the risk of giving a dog a home remedy for constipation in excess, which could result in severe diarrhea and vomiting.

A dog becomes dehydrated and their electrolyte balance is upset by losing too much fluid. They will need medical care because this could be dangerous.

The delicate microbiome in the dog’s gut is also out of balance, which could lead to other health problems. Keep in mind that a dog’s immune system is 70% contained in the gut, and a dog with poor gut health will always be sick. In other words, before applying vaseline to your dog’s sore tummy, ask your vet for a tried-and-true remedy.

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Can I Use Vaseline for Ear Mites in Dogs - Fact or Fiction?

Things to Keep in Mind

Despite the fact that Vaseline is safe for pets, it should only be used topically. It shouldn’t end up in your dog’s stomach.

It is a petroleum product after all, which means that it contains ingredients that might make your dog’s stomach upset. Natural waxes and mineral oils are examples of these.

Unfortunately, dogs are very fond of licking anything that looks alluring on their bodies, including Vaseline that has been inserted into their ears. This is accurate if the Vaseline has an added flavor. It’s possible that the dog will find it delicious and lick the entire ear.

She won’t experience digestive problems unless she eats a lot of jelly, which is fortunate for you. Because of its soft texture, it is less likely to result in any kind of blockages.

Can I Use Vaseline for Ear Mites in Dogs - Fact or Fiction?

In conclusion, always keep in mind that Vaseline is only intended for topical use. As a result, avoid using jelly on a dog who already has cuts and sores from repeatedly scratching herself. In such a circumstance, you can use other products that are available on the market.

Ear Mites Vs Ear Infection

How do you distinguish between dog ear mites and an ear infection since ear mites aren’t the only cause of discomfort in your dog’s ears?

Dogs frequently develop ear infections, which have a wide range of potential causes. They may develop as a result of an allergic skin condition, a yeast infection, or a bacterial infection. It is best to speak with your veterinarian, who can examine your dog and rule out any other likely causes by examining your dog’s ear wax under a microscope.


Can I Use Vaseline for Ear Mites in Dogs - Fact or Fiction?

Dogs’ worst enemies include ear mites.

Feel free to use a jar of Vaseline if that is all you have at home to get rid of the unpleasant creatures.

Simply check to see if there are any open sores or wounds on the ears. Additionally, figure out a way to stop your dog from licking the jelly from all of his ears.

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