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Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

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If you’re not careful, taking a hot bath or shower with a tampon in during your period might be possible. If you’re unsure whether you can take a bath or shower while using a tampon, keep reading.

Can you shower with a tampon in? When it comes to taking a shower while wearing a tampon, women frequently struggle with this. While teenage girls who are unfamiliar with the dos and don’ts of menstruation frequently inquire whether it is acceptable to take a shower while wearing a tampon. The answer is yes, it is entirely okay to bathe with a tampon. Many women, though, find it uncomfortable to do so. Because of this, the response is arbitrary and individual. Therefore, I’m going to list every justification below in this blog to help you understand why some people prefer it and others don’t.

Can You Use A Tampon In The Shower?

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

Women who support this position take into account all of the following reasons:

  • There are numerous businesses that support taking a shower while using a tampon because they assert that doing so is safe.
  • It’s okay to keep the tampon for longer on days when you have less bleeding.
  • Many women find it uncomfortable to remove the tampons that are not ready yet, as it can be a little painful. If you are not having heavy chums, it is preferable to leave the tampons inside for a while because they need to be slightly soaked in order to come out easily.
  • Some people find it perfectly acceptable to insert a fresh tampon before showering in order to prevent blood stains.

Let’s talk about the opinions of the women who prefer not to keep their tampons in now that you are aware that there are some women who have logical reasons for doing so while taking a bath.

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?
  • The tampon string frequently gets wet while a woman is taking a shower, according to many of them. They take the string out before getting into the shower because it can make them uncomfortable all day.
  • Others find the idea of leaving a tampon inside while bathing disgusting because it makes them feel dirty and old. They enjoy taking it out each time they take a shower, for this reason.
  • Many girls prefer to take their blood out for a more comfortable shower since it doesn’t leak out while bathing.
  • Lastly, it is advisable to change the tampons or clean them if there is heavy bleeding.

Is It Necessary To Remove My Tampon Before Using The Restroom?

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

No, you don’t have to take it out every time you use the restroom. The vaginal opening is distinct from the urinary opening for this reason. You can go to the bathroom without worrying about your tampon because nothing is obstructing your urinary opening. If, after using the restroom, you notice that the withdrawal string is starting to get a little damp, use some toilet paper.

How Can You Take A Bath While On Your Period?

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

It doesn’t really matter whether you take a bath during or after your period. Run your bath as usual, add your preferred amount of natural oils and salts, and then soak in it to unwind.

Put a tampon or menstrual cup in before jumping in the bath if you’re concerned about tampon leaking there. In order to prevent infections, however, make sure to change your tampon after taking a bath.

How to Take a Shower on Your Period?

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

You might find it difficult to get as clean as you’d like if you decide to use a tampon or cup while in the shower. In the shower, bleeding is acceptable. The blood will fall into the drain. You might also notice brown blood rinsing off if you used a pad before getting in the shower. It’s crucial to thoroughly rinse it off to avoid infection and odor because this is probably the result of your pubic hair catching the blood.

To clean the area around your vagina, use clean, warm water. Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ that secretes mucus to clear away dead cells and menstrual fluids, even during your period. Prior to wiping, be sure to rinse from front to back. Be careful not to spray water directly into your vagina if your showerhead is removable. Direct the flow outside rather than inside.

How to Take a Bath on Your Period?

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

If you decide to wear pads, you might want to wash the area before hopping in the tub. Although it might seem counterintuitive, blood on your skin and pubic hair can contain bacteria. Before taking a bath, insert a brand-new tampon or clean menstrual cup. Simply unwind after that and groom yourself as usual, shaving your legs and underarms if you like. But since tampons can absorb bathwater, be sure to change them afterward. Another infection may result from this.

Pros and Cons of Taking a Bath on Your Period

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

The soothing effects of hot water in a bath appeal to many women. Your back will feel less sore, and it can relieve cramps. To help you unwind and lessen some of the edginess in your emotional state, you can add some aromatherapy oils to the water of your bath. A nice hot bath can do wonders for your mood during your period because the fluctuating hormones can make you grumpy or depressed.

However, bathing while on your period can be messy. In fact, you might notice a stronger flow. There’s a good chance that you’ll spill menstrual blood into the tub, which some people might find repulsive and unsanitary. To lessen any odor brought on by menstrual blood, you might want to take more frequent baths, whether in the shower or the tub.

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

If you take a bath on your period, you may have a higher risk of getting an infection. When you are on your period, the cervix is more relaxed and dilated, which can raise the risk of an infection getting into your uterus. The bath may not be the cleanest environment in which to unwind.

When choosing the absorbency of your tampon or determining whether you need to empty your menstrual cup before sitting in the tub, keep in mind that warm water can increase your menstrual flow. Additionally, the warm water may make dizziness brought on by a heavier menstrual flow worse. Taking a hot bath could be harmful to your health if you already have mild anemia when you get your period.

How Can You Take A Shower When On Your Period?

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

Contrary to bathing, it is preferable to remove your tampon or menstrual cup before or while taking a shower. You can be sure you’re cleaning yourself thoroughly because the blood will wash off and fall into the drain.

If you use pads, you might see dried blood washing off, which simply means you’re washing off any possible infections and odors.

Remember that your vagina is self-cleaning. To wash the area around your vagina, all you need is some clean, warm water. If you’re using a hand-held showerhead, angle the water outside of your vagina, not straight into your vagina.

Avoid products that claim to balance your PH but only cause irritation or act as a “vaginal douche,” as these can actually change the PH of your vagina.


Do Taking A Bath While On Your Period Pose Any Risks?

While taking a bath while you are menstruating is not risky or harmful, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of your bathing routine.

Watch The Temperature

Keep in mind that your body temperature may be higher during your menstrual cycle. Therefore, try to steer clear of running the bath at a too-hot temperature and instead aim for a warm temperature if you frequently experience hot flashes. To avoid becoming too hot or dizzy, you could even open a window and let a cool breeze in.

Keep It PH Friendly

Can You Shower Or Bath With A Tampon In?

Additionally, while bubble bath and bath bombs can be a nice addition, use caution if you’re on your period. When you’re menstruating, your pH balance can already be quite sensitive, and chemicals and dyes can irritate your vagina. Instead, stick to natural essential oils, Epsom salts, or nothing at all.

Things You Really Should Not Be Doing With Period

Do tampons allow you to shower? You can, and you can also do a lot of other things while using a tampon. There are a few things you should not do, though, when you are on your period. Here are a few to help you understand:

  • Eat Dairy Products: It is best to avoid milk products because they contain arachidonic acid, which can worsen menstrual pain and cause cramps. You’re better off drinking almond milk or using non-dairy coconut milk yogurt to make smoothies. Without making your menstrual pains worse, this enables you to consume enough calcium.
  • Skip the Gym: Making the decision to stop all physical activity because you are on your period is a mistake. You should go to the gym and engage in some light exercise rather than staying in bed and indulging in snacks. This will help to ease cramps and lessen the severity of physical aches.
  • Binge Eat: When you’re on your period, you should avoid making this additional common error. It would be extremely uncomfortable and cause serious bloating if you didn’t restrain yourself from binge eating. Additionally, you are feeding your body extra calories in the form of fat and sugar, which can lead to problems even after your period has stopped.
  • Opt for Fast Food: For girls on their period, this is another no-no. Fast food may make you crave it, but once you eat it, your stomach will make you feel queasy. Therefore, it is a good idea to refrain from eating unhealthy foods that your body cannot process when you are menstruating.
  • Take a Short Nap at Night: Even though you may have every reason to stay up all night because your period cramps may be too severe to let you sleep, you should still realize how crucial it is to get enough sleep during this time. Don’t forego your sleep. In fact, it is preferable to go to bed early because, even if it takes you some time to fall asleep, you only need to get some rest.

Read more to learn shower tips:


All things considered, there is no right or wrong way to keep your tampons in during a shower. You can tuck a wet string inside something else or even cut it if the feeling annoys you. You won’t feel uncomfortable or have your shower hampered by this. Additionally, it is preferable to remove it prior to showering and replace it with a new one afterwards if you work long shifts and experience frequent bleeding. As it is many women who enjoy swimming or water sports keep it in while doing so, it is fine to do it while taking a shower too.

The choice of whether to use a tampon or not ultimately comes down to personal preference, bleeding, and other factors. The only thing that counts is whether you feel comfortable with your decision. So, my ladies, even though it is entirely acceptable to leave it in, if you feel uncomfortable doing so, you can take it out and still enjoy your shower.


Can You Shower on Your Period Without a Tampon?

To clear their vagina, some women prefer not to use tampons while in the shower, while others find the blood leakage uncomfortable. If you decide to use a tampon in the shower, that is ultimately up to you. Whether or not to shower with a tampon in is up to you.

Can You Put a Tampon in After a Shower?

If this applies to you, wearing a tampon may make you feel more secure because you won’t have to deal with the mess. After a shower, however, you might want to switch to a different tampon because they can absorb water and may not be as protective. Whether or not to shower with a tampon in is up to you.

Can You Poop With a Tampon In?

You can have a bowel movement while wearing a tampon, but it may also be a good time to take out your tampon and put in a new one when you’re done using the bathroom. To begin with, the strain of pooping may cause the tampon to come out completely or partially.

Can You Pee With a Tampon In?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to pee with a tampon in. Your tampon goes in the vagina, which is where your menstrual blood comes from, and your urethra is where your urine exits. To put it simply, a tampon does not block the flow of urine because it goes in a completely different hole than the one through which you pass urine.

Can You Wear a Tampon in the Pool?

Tampons are a great period product to wear while swimming. Simply insert one as you would ordinarily, don your swimsuit, and enter the pool. A tampon can be worn for four to eight hours, so if you plan to spend the entire day at the beach, you may want to change it once or twice.

Why is My Tampon Wet But Not With Blood?

It’s caused by hormonal changes. Watery discharge is most likely normal and not an indication of an infection. At any time during your cycle, your discharge could become more clear and watery. Increased fluid production may be induced by estrogen.

How to Take Out a Dry Tampon?

To find the tampon’s string, reach inside your vagina with your fingers.
 Wrap your fingers around the string, and gently tease out the tampon. If that doesn’t work, gently pull the tampon out by slipping your fingers underneath it.

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