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How To Keep Baby’s Room Smelling Fresh: 15 Ways To Fix It!

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One unintended consequence of having a kid is having to deal with baby excrement and dirty diapers. While no one appreciates changing a dirty diaper, it is even worse when you have a baby room that smells like excrement and have no idea what to do!

Cleaning a poop-smelling infant room will entail removing the diapers outdoors right away, using a well-maintained diaper pail, cleaning bedding and coverings, and adding deodorizers to your cleaning schedule.

If you’re dealing with the reality of a stinky nursery, you’ll want to check out these odor-removing techniques. Depending on your scenario, you may only require one of them or you may need to try them all.

Here are 15 ways to keep your baby’s room smelling fresh:

Diapers Should Be Discarded Right Away

How To Keep Baby's Room Smelling Fresh: 15 Ways To Fix It!

The longer a smell remains, the stronger it gets. A dirty diaper should be thrown out right away, not put aside for later disposal. Even better, throw the stinky package in an outdoor garbage can to keep it as far away from the home as you can. Place a garbage can or diaper pail close to the changing table to make cleanup easy. To further guard against stink, use odor-blocking trash bags. To keep the smell in, wrap the diaper in a plastic bag used for groceries or dog waste before discarding it.

Utilize A Diaper Tin

You actually need a diaper pail unless you intend to carry each soiled diaper outside to the trashcan after each diaper change. They can be opened quickly with a foot pedal and are specially made to preserve the smell within.

How To Keep Baby's Room Smelling Fresh: 15 Ways To Fix It!

Clean The Changing Area After You Use 

Any surface that is used to change a baby can harbor odors. Wipe the area with a baby wipe or a damp paper towel after your child has been changed and removed from the changing table. To eliminate any leftover bacteria and odors, use a disinfectant spray or wipe with bleach or alcohol as the active ingredient.

As long as the appropriate drying time and ventilation are applied in accordance with the disinfectant’s instructions, commercial disinfectants registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are safe to use on changing tables.

How To Keep Baby's Room Smelling Fresh: 15 Ways To Fix It!

Remove The Garbage

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Although it may be tempting to fill the diaper pail completely before emptying it, eventually some odors will inevitably slip out. To prevent residual odors of poop and pee from filling your baby’s nursery, try to empty it at least once a day.

Bring No Food

Make it a point to exclusively eat in the dining room or kitchen. Despite the fact that taking care of a baby can be exhausting, resist the urge to eat meals or snacks, especially hot ones, in your infant’s room. Food scraps on the floor or in the room might also draw insects and rodents.

Activate The Windows

How To Keep Baby's Room Smelling Fresh: 15 Ways To Fix It!

Keep the windows open as much as possible to ensure that the nursery for your infant has adequate ventilation. Simply make sure your kid isn’t in a draft and monitor the room’s temperature to prevent them from getting too cold.

Regularly Change The Baby’s Linens

Drool, spit-up, and diaper leaks can give a baby’s nursery a strange smell. Unbelievably, the crib is largely responsible for this stink. Check the nursery’s blankets and sheets for any spills (that means your cuddling blankets too). If you discover any, wash the bedding and replace it with something new and clean. Consider cleaning or changing baby bedding once each week. In the nursery closet, keep an extra set of sheets for last-minute cleanups.

How To Keep Baby's Room Smelling Fresh: 15 Ways To Fix It!

Fill The Diaper Pail With Oil

A Seattle, Washington, mother who lives in Seattle wrote this quick tip. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil with a wipe to the diaper pail’s bottom. It lasts a while and gives off a much fresher and cleaner scent in the baby’s room.

Make Use Of Natural Deodorizers

You can eliminate unpleasant odors by misting the space with a natural deodorizer. If you’d prefer not to spray anything, bamboo charcoal bags that last a long time are an option.

A Baking Soda Air Freshener Can Be Made

A cheap, natural deodorizer that can neutralize odors is baking soda. Put a homemade baking soda air freshener at the bottom of your trash can or diaper pail if aromas persist even after you’ve disposed of the dirty diapers. 2 tbsp (28.3 g) of plastic bottle bottom, cut off, should be added to the improvised dish. Add a bag after adding 2 to 3 drops of your preferred essential oil and setting it down in your trash can. No concerns if you don’t have essential oils! Without them, the air freshener will still absorb scents in the room.

How To Keep Baby's Room Smelling Fresh: 15 Ways To Fix It!

Sheets Of Fabric Softener Below A Changing Pad

Despite your best attempts to clean it, the changing table and pad can occasionally smell terrible. To make the space smell better, tuck a few fabric softener sheets under the changing pad. Another option is to put one underneath the diaper pail.

More Regularly Wash The Bedding

Your kid will soon pick up some foul odors even if they don’t drink milk close to the bed sheets. To prevent unpleasant odors from permeating the room, make sure you change their bed sheets frequently, ideally once a week.

How To Keep Baby's Room Smelling Fresh: 15 Ways To Fix It!

Dehumidifier Or Air Purifier

Some unpleasant odors in a space might be brought on by dampness, which can trap unpleasant odors. Wet clothing, toys, or other infant supplies may be the culprit in this. You can buy a dehumidifier if you reside in a humid area.

Also, if you want something to really combat a terrible scent that, despite your best efforts, you can’t get rid of, you might want to think about an air purifier. Make sure you get one that can eliminate offensive odors in addition to allergies, even though their main function is to remove allergens from the space.

Sour sheets should be avoided.

Don’t put your infant to bed with a bottle in his or her hand. Overnight, the leaking milk will change clean linens into stinky ones. Your dentist would appreciate it as well, because bottles in bed can promote tooth rot.

Baby's Room

Use a natural charcoal-based deodorizer

Even if you use a deodorizer within the diaper pail, you should consider using one outside in the room. That’s because the one within the pail won’t be able to do anything about the aromas outside of it, and your kid is certain to emit nasty odors in general!

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