Why Do I Sweat After a Shower and How to Avoid It
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Why Do I Sweat After a Shower and How to Avoid It?

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Taking a shower in hot summer seems very unnecessary, because you will experience the sweat after taking a shower and question why you should spend time taking a shower. However, sweating after shower is very common. Unlike the cold and dry months in winter, the air in your home may be much wetter, especially in the bathroom. Coupled with the hot water on your skin and hair, your body temperature will rise, and you will feel hot, sticky and sweating after taking a bath.

Why Do I Sweat After a Shower?

After the shower, the hot water left on the skin and hair will continue to warm the body. The steam in the hot water, coupled with the higher temperature, increases the humidity and temperature of the bathroom, thereby raising the body temperature and making people sweat. ” If sweating seems to get worse once you start drying with a towel, the behavior of dry skin may be the cause of this problem. Rubbing the skin with a towel will produce friction and heat. If the clothes and towels used after the shower are warm, they can immediately warm the body and cause sweating. If you have a fever or just finished exercising, you are more likely to sweat after a hot bath, because both of these conditions will lead to an increase in basal body temperature.

How to Avoid Sweat After a Shower?

First, you can try to wait 20 to 30 minutes after exercise, and then take a shower. This will help reduce body temperature and sweating. Once you are in the shower, you may try to turn down the hot water slowly and then try to go out. As you approach the end of the shower, gradually reduce the water temperature from high to warm in an attempt to cool your body. If you want to know if can you shower with a tampon in, check this post.

The way you wash your face is also very important, and you don’t want to wash your face with hot water, because hot water will remove natural oil from your skin and absorb moisture. It’s best to wash your face with warm water, not too hot or too cold. ” This helps prevent sweating and beet red after showering. As long as you raise the water temperature and make these changes, your temperature will cool after taking a bath.

In addition to cooling the water temperature to prevent sweating after shower, it is also helpful to ventilate the bathroom as much as possible. However, whether you have vents or windows to ensure proper ventilation, you can run. After taking a bath, you should leave the humid environment as soon as possible. If you need to stay in the bathroom, you can soak a towel in cold water and apply it to your face and scalp. This will also help you cool down.

You may think drying is the solution, but in some cases, your towel can raise your temperature. The friction between the fabric and the skin will generate additional heat. If the towel just comes out of the dryer, it will make you feel hotter. Plus the humidity you just took a bath, you will produce unwanted sweat.

After bathing in hot water, give your body a cooling period to keep your skin clean. Reduce the shower temperature before going out to dry. Standing in warm water and cooling for a few seconds can wash away any hot water drops and adjust the thermostat of the body. Running the bathroom’s exhaust fan or keeping the door ajar can prevent it from becoming too wet, but moving to a cool environment as soon as possible after taking a shower is still helpful.

How to Avoid Sweat After a Shower

How to Keep Fresh and Clean in Hot Summer?

Whether you go to school at home, exercise at home, plant flowers, or just shift your attention from everything, you can’t take a good bath at the end of the day. Except when you sweat profusely after taking a bath, you will ask yourself why you have been so troublesome at the beginning. In hot summer, you may not be able to avoid sweating, but I hope these tips can help you feel fresh and clean.

  1. Keep hydrated during exercise

Water intake will affect your sweating capacity; Drinking more water equals sweating more. Although this advice may sound counterintuitive when trying to sweat less, drinking water (and sweating) during exercise will help you better control your temperature and cool down faster after exercise. Drink about 5-10 ounces of water every 15 minutes or so, and then pour another cup to help regulate the body temperature before shower. It is also important to note that if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, water intake will not affect your sweating volume.

  1. Consider the temperature of drinking water

Gulping a cup of warm water after strenuous exercise does not seem to be an effective or desirable cooling method. But for some people, it does work.

Your mouth is full of TRPV1 receptors, which respond to calories and feel warm when you drink warm water, and vice versa. But there is another competitive factor at work. When you eat or drink hot things, these heat receptors tell the brain that you are hot, which will cause sweating and help you cool down faster.


Sweating after taking a shower is very common at this time of year. The air in your house is hot and humid, especially in the bathroom. In addition, the hot water in the shower every day will raise your temperature, which will make you feel hot, sticky and sweating. Washing your face with hot water can remove natural oils from your skin and absorb moisture. Wash your face with warm water, which will help prevent sweating and blushing after shower. By adjusting the water temperature, your body temperature will cool after completion.

If possible, keep the bathroom well ventilated. However, whether you have windows or ventilation, getting out of the humid bathroom environment as soon as possible will also help you cool down. If you really need to stay in the bathroom, put a towel soaked in cold water on your face and scalp to help cool down.

If you are interested in more health lifestyle cleaning tips, welcome to read our following posts!

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