How to Wash Period Underwear - Can You Use a Washing Machine
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How to Wash Period Underwear – Can You Use a Washing Machine

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Without having to worry about dealing with the consequences, your period can be difficult enough. Fortunately, wearing period underwear simplifies everything.

You can use a top-notch detergent and cold water to wash your period underwear. When washing them in a machine, first put them in a washable mesh bag and use the gentle or delicate cycle.

Here, we’ll provide all the information you need to keep your period underwear pristine, odor-free, and in like-new condition.

How to Wash Period Underwear

How to Wash Period Underwear - Can You Use a Washing Machine

Your Proof underwear can be washed in a washing machine using cold water and a delicate cycle. It can be simply thrown in with the rest of your laundry without any pre-wash rinsing required.

Use gentle laundry detergents because bleach and harsh chemicals can damage the quality of your underwear. Read More: Can You Mix Fabuloso And Bleach

You can wash your period underwear by hand if you’d prefer to be in charge of their fate (you don’t want them getting misplaced and put in the dryer!).) or to ensure they last for as long as possible, then go ahead. Just keep in mind to use gentle products and let them air dry.

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Do You Need to Rinse Or Pre-Wash Period Underwear?

Before washing, period underwear does not require rinsing.

On the other hand, if your underwear has any stains, you might want to soak them in cool water overnight and rinse them until the water is clear.

If you regularly wash your period underwear, you shouldn’t have any issues with stains. Period underwear is made to be stain-resistant.

How to Hand Wash Period Underwear

This will work just as well if you want to hand-wash your period underwear and don’t have access to a washing machine with a good cool setting. It’s generally a good idea to wash your pants as soon as possible after wearing them, and this is especially true if you wash them by hand because it will make cleaning them much simpler.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • A little hand soap or laundry detergent should be added to the cool water running over your underwear. Make sure to use mild soap because anything with harsh chemicals can harm the fabric of your panties.
  • By rubbing the fabric against itself, gently scrub any stains off of your underwear.
  • Rinse a few times in a row to make sure the blood is dripping off. You can rinse your underwear with more fresh, cool water once this is finished and the water begins to run clear.
  • Lay them out or hang them to dry naturally after you’re done.

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Can Period Blood Stain Your Period Underwear?

You won’t likely notice any stains on the fabric if you choose dark-colored period underwear. If the blood has been allowed to dry or if it has not been properly washed, you might notice some staining on the outer layer of your white or nude-colored underwear.

How to Wash Period Underwear - Can You Use a Washing Machine

Try hand washing to get rid of as much of the stain as you can before using any stain removal methods.

Keep in mind that your Proof underwear is made with materials that are specifically designed to wick away moisture and reduce odor. As a result, you ought to treat your underwear with care and stay away from anything too abrasive. Apply a few drops of vinegar or tea tree oil to your underwear to disinfect it.

How Long Does Period Underwear Take to Dry?

The level of absorbency in your period underwear generally determines how long it takes for them to dry. According to your location and the method you use to dry them, it typically takes two hours to two days. To hasten the process, gently squeeze out any extra water by hand before hanging the items.

Blotting your underwear with a towel or laying them out on a different dry towel will help them dry quickly. The panties inside the towel should be tightly rolled up. To gently blot off any moisture, apply pressure to it. It can often dry more quickly if you hang the panties rather than lay them flat after you unroll them.

How Often Should You Wash Period Underwear?

My friends ask all the time “Do period pants have an odor?” You should try to wash reusable period underwear as soon as possible after each use to prevent this. The third day should be reserved for washing them if you plan to wear them for several days in a row.

Can You Machine Wash Period Underwear?

Your period underwear can indeed be machine washed. Only once a week is advised as the recommended minimum for washing underwear, especially period underwear.

Machine washing can be rough on the fabric and could hasten its deterioration. Use a delicate cycle, but make sure to.

We advise using an unscented, dye- and bleach-free laundry detergent. By doing this, it will be easier to prevent skin sensitivity and irritation.

Additionally, stay away from conditioner because it can make the fabric less absorbent.

It is advised to use gentle detergents or mild soaps. To get rid of all the suds, be sure to rinse them off completely afterward.

If necessary, put them in a delicates or mesh bag; otherwise, wash them with the rest of your clothes as usual.

Can I Put My Period Underwear in the Dryer?

It is possible to dry period underwear in the dryer, but doing so frequently is not advised.

They might deteriorate faster due to the dryer’s heat. When it’s feasible, let them air dry.

When possible, we advise drying your period underwear on a line. They may shrink while being tumble dried, and the fabric and elastic may also be harmed.

As with using warm water, make sure all stains are gone from the underwear before drying it in a tumble dryer because this can set stains in place.

When your period underwear is clean, be sure to store them away from other fabrics (such as a closet, drawer, etc.)., towels, other clothes, etc.).

This will assist in keeping them germ-free and clean.

Final Words

We hope you found these instructions on how to wash period pants to be useful. All of us can become more sustainable by taking just one more easy step.

In order to stay clean and comfortable while on your period, washing period pants is a crucial step.

You can prolong the life of your sanitary products and keep them clean and microbial-free by using the advice in this article.


Can You Machine Wash Period Underwear?

Your Proof underwear can be machine washed in cold water on the delicate cycle. Put it in with the rest of your laundry without pre-rinsing; there is no need to do so. To protect the quality of your underwear, use gentle laundry detergents rather than harsh chemicals or bleach.

How Should I Wash My Period Underwear?

Period underwear can be hand-washed or thrown into a gentle cycle of a washing machine set to 30 degrees Celsius (or less) with a mild detergent. Dry – then simply hang them to dry and you’re done

How Do You Keep Your Period Underwear from Smelling?

The best way to stop period pants from smelling is to soak them in vinegar or baking soda for an entire night. Any odors will be eliminated by doing this. You can also run your wash cycle once a week with a cup of vinegar or baking soda added. Your period underwear will stay clean and fresh if you do this.

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