How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways
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How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

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Anorexia is becoming more prevalent, particularly among young adults and teenagers. Overweight people frequently want to lose weight because they may be the targets of bullies due to their size and physical attributes.

Anorexia nervosa is thought to have unknown exact causes. Young women who have a parent or sibling who has an eating disorder are more likely to develop one themselves. However, the condition can run in families.

In addition to being an eating disorder, anorexia is a serious mental illness. Anorexics may experience depressive disorders if their anorexia is not adequately treated. However, despite being a very serious medical condition, anorexia can still develop normally.

As a result, you must approach developing anorexia in the right manner if you have any thoughts of doing so. Including its definition, types, symptoms, causes, and how to develop anorexia in a healthy way, this post will teach you everything you need to know about anorexia.

What is Anorexia?

How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

Men and women who suffer from anorexia nervosa, a type of eating disorder, become so obsessed with their weight, appearance, and food intake that they starve themselves.

Anorexia nervosa, or simply “anorexia,” is an eating disorder with potentially lethal effects. Anorexics consume incredibly little food, which causes them to starve to death.
They may eventually lose weight and get skinny, but they may still perceive themselves as overweight.
Anorexic individuals frequently become malnourished to the point where hospitalization is necessary. They still maintain their health despite this.

People who have this illness base their sense of self-worth on their ability to reach and maintain a certain weight.

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How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

As a result, they don’t eat much, which causes them to starve to death. As a result, they undereat and continue to think they are overweight.
Anorexia is an eating disorder that can have fatal consequences. Malnutrition is a result of anorexic people’s severely restricted food intake.
Keep in mind that the symptoms do not appear overnight. Instead, they often take a long time to appear; for some, the pattern doesn’t become apparent until years later.

These people obviously take great pains to maintain their weight loss and avoid gaining any additional weight.

Even though they must be hospitalized, they still maintain that there is nothing wrong with them developing anoxia.

How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

What Causes Anorexia?

Anorexia nervosa is thought to have unknown exact causes. Young women who have a parent or sibling who has an eating disorder are more likely to develop one themselves. However, the condition can run in families.

The development of anorexia may also be influenced by social, environmental, and psychological factors. Anorexics begin to think that if they were just a little bit thinner, their lives would be better. Overachievers and perfectionists typically characterize these people. In actuality, anorexics frequently excel in school and participate in extracurricular activities.

According to many experts, anorexia is a part of an unconscious effort to cope with unresolved conflicts or traumatic childhood experiences. Although it has been demonstrated that bulimia can develop as a result of sexual abuse, anorexia is not a result of sexual abuse.

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How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

How to Become Anorexic Fast in 7 Simple and Easy Steps

Anorexia can be a dream come true for the majority of people. This could be a very severe mental illness.

The majority of anorexics accomplish this by restricting their intake of food, forcing themselves to vomit after meals, and engaging in excessive activity. If you do this, you might become anorexic within a few weeks or very quickly.

Anorexia is frequently caused by anxiety about body image and weight. It stems from the fear of being overweight or obese, or, in some cases, the growing desire to lose weight. There are numerous ways to lose weight; however, you shouldn’t try to become anorexic.

Mentally Preparing Oneself:

How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

Since hunger is a psychological need shared by all people, it’s essential to convince your mind that your body actually needs a specific quantity of food. You must be well-informed before starting down the path to anorexia. It’s critical to know when to stop eating. You should stop eating when you are no longer hungry rather than eating until you feel full. Alternatively, refrain from overeating.

Change Your Meal Plan:

If you want to get anorexia, you need to change one very important aspect of your diet: how much food you eat.

To gradually alter your behavior and regain control over your eating habits, there are some steps you can take.

How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

Make a list of the food items you should avoid and why.
You can use them as a guide when deciding what to eat if you list your reasons for avoiding particular foods, such as the fact that they make you feel awful or that they worsen your eating disorder.

Reduce the quantity of unhealthy foods and snacks you consume gradually to begin with. If cutting them out of your diet is too difficult, try eating fewer of these foods at each meal. Overall, doing this will make it easier for you to stick to your new meal plan. To ensure that you are losing weight effectively, stick to a balanced, healthy diet plan that is high in protein and healthy fats.

Try the 5-Bite Diet:

How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

The 5-bite diet does not emphasize eating better food or exercising; instead, it only emphasizes counting the number of bites you take.

If you stick to the 5-bite diet plan, you are still allowed to eat your favorite foods, but you are only allowed a certain number of bites at each meal.

Any food may be used in this diet plan. It is suggested that you take multivitamins and omega-3 fatty acid supplements while on this diet to make up for any nutritional gaps left by the diet. (Read More: Can Braces Fix Gaps in Teeth)

Drink a Lot of Water:

The key to losing weight is to stay hydrated. Drinks that are typically consumed, especially alcoholic ones, can be exchanged for water.

As they contain seven calories per gram of alcohol, alcoholic beverages are high in calories.

Regular Exercise:

How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

Regular exercise can help you feel better and have more energy while also making you more likely to become anorexic.

Start with reasonable goals. Even if all you can manage is a 30-minute walk each day, it’s better to try than never to try at all. The idea is to gradually lengthen your time as you become more comfortable with the action.

Decide what you will accomplish each day. Maintaining a daily exercise routine of even 10 minutes will help you get better over time and keep your motivation high.
Locate someone who will support you. If you have a friend or family member who understands your struggles, achieving your fitness goals may be much simpler. Always ask for help if you need it.

Eat Baby Foods:

To help you lose weight, you can eat baby food instead of your regular meals. It is referred to as “The Baby Food Diet.”

By substituting 14 containers of baby food for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, one can follow the baby food diet. You then eat a typical dinner after that.

The baby food diet makes it more likely that you will eat fewer calories each day than you would otherwise due to the lower calorie content of baby foods.

Baby food can have anywhere between 20 and over 120 calories in each jar.

Remember Not to Go Extreme:

How to Become Anorexic with 7 Simple & Safe Ways

Don’t push yourself too hard when trying to lose weight.

This is the most significant step. The first six stages should never, ever, ever be carried out in such a ridiculous manner.

Taking a risky action can have serious health effects or even be fatal. Even though there are many ways to get anorexia, the best way is to start with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


Anyone with anorexia nervosa might experience a sense of fulfillment from their anorexia. However, it could also indicate a serious illness that requires urgent medical attention.

If you want to become anorexic, you must skip important meals, work out frequently, and only eat foods with few calories. Avoid visiting websites that support anorexia.

Anorexia nervosa is a serious eating disorder that can have negative physical and emotional consequences. Whenever you’re trying to lose weight, remember never to push yourself too hard.

It might be difficult for you to deal with anorexia when you are exposed to conflicting signals from the media, culture, and perhaps even your own family or friends. You may have even overheard someone make a lighthearted remark about how they wish they could temporarily experience anorexia to lose weight.

If you or a loved one has anorexia, speak with your doctor or a mental health professional for advice on coping strategies and emotional support. The development of effective coping strategies and receiving the necessary support from family and friends are essential to a successful course of treatment.

If you or a loved one is trying to lose weight, seek advice from a dietitian, physician, or psychologist. Without developing anorexia, there are healthy methods of weight loss. The symptoms of anorexia can also appear in a healthy person. This article has already covered each of these strategies in previous sections.


Can You Get Anorexia at 12?

Anorexia nervosa has been found in children as young as seven years old, which is shocking given that eating disorders in children this young are still comparatively rare. It’s important to note that eating disorders in kids and tweens look different from those in teens and adults.

Can Any Body Type Be Anorexic?

Regardless of how much you believe you know about the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, it’s likely that only one picture comes to mind: a thin, white adolescent girl. However, this stereotype ignores the fact that anorexia can strike at any body weight and that it has no regard for race, gender, or age.

Is It Hard Being Anorexic?

Both the idea of recovery and living with anorexia can be extremely challenging. You may wonder who you’ll be without anorexia if it has played a significant role in shaping your identity. It’s possible that you’re afraid of losing control over your eating or of how your body might alter.

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