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Can You Shower After Tanning? Everything You Need To Know

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Can you shower after tanning?

How long should you wait before taking a shower after using a tanning bed?

This is a murky area for the majority of tanning professionals. Many of them are unsure whether they should shower after tanning.

Let’s talk about these answers and others in this post. We’ll also examine the dos and don’ts of taking a shower after tanning.

After Tanning, Can You Take A Shower?

Well, it makes sense to take a shower after a tanning session. Well, I suppose I would also adore that.

If my self-care routines don’t conclude with a long bath or shower, they aren’t truly finished.

But unless you want to maintain that golden appearance for the rest of the day, it’s better to delay taking a shower after tanning. Also check if is it ok to shower with a tampon in.

The benefits and drawbacks of taking a shower after tanning are listed below.


The following explains why it’s beneficial to take a shower after tanning.

  • Even though tanning is calming, it’s common to want to wash off any tanning chemicals afterward because you feel refreshed. If you just carry on with your normal routine after a tanning session, you’ll feel dirty.
  • The tanning lotion chemicals that could harm your skin are removed by this process.
  • Your skin becomes dehydrated. Showering can assist in dehydrating the skin while tanning zaps moisture from it.


Here are some justifications for why many experts strongly discourage taking a shower after tanning.

  • The tanning process is still ongoing. Tanning extends beyond the tanning bed. Once you leave the salon, it doesn’t stop. After leaving the salon, take a shower to halt the process and reduce its effectiveness.
  • You don’t have the bronzer’s magic anymore. You can speed up the tanning process and add an extra glow by using tanning accelerators. Showering right away after getting a tan washes the bronzer away, rendering it useless.

What about spray tanning, though? Can I shower after spray tan?

Do You Have To Wait To Shower After Tanning?

Sincerely, taking a shower after tanning is acceptable. Some people enjoy doing it while others don’t.

When should you take a shower after tanning, though?

The tanning session will determine the response to that question.

You can immediately take a shower after using a tanning bed without first applying bronzers. You can plunge right in and savor the drizzle.

The wait for the showers is at least two hours if, on the other hand, you used bronzers while in the tanning bed.

The first shower should be taken four hours after using a spray tanning procedure to get your tan.

The waiting period for a bronzer-infused spray tan is at least eight hours.

Why Is It Important To Wait Before Showering?

The most common query is, “Is it okay to shower after tanning?” It is essential to wait a few hours before taking a shower after a tanning session, even though it is okay to do so.

The answer is that tanning is a slow process that frequently requires more time to produce results. Most tanning enthusiasts think it takes hours to finish tanning. According to some tanning experts, it may take up to 48 hours before you start to notice the intended effects of tanning.

While sunburns frequently develop hours after tanning, there are times when you can’t see a visible tan even after hours have passed. Long after your tanning session, your skin continues to change.

The development of the dark and deep tan may be hampered if you take a shower and wash the tan off too soon. The entire purpose of the process might be defeated if you are unable to achieve the desired results from the tan. So, if you’re choosing a particular tanning technique, we advise against taking a shower right away.

On the other hand, for other techniques, you can immediately take a shower to maximize the effects and cool off after tanning.

Shower After Tanning

How Long Should You Wait Before Taking A Shower After Tanning?

In spite of the fact that you undoubtedly need to wash, you should wait 4 to 8 hours before having a relaxing session. When washing your body, you will probably notice dark water pouring down the drain. Since all that is being rinsed away are the remnants of tanning creams, there is no cause for alarm.

Along with avoiding perspiration and moisturizers, you must also avoid any type of moisture while you wait. The first rule to follow is to refrain from getting wet on your skin if you still want to develop a beautiful skin tone. Allow tanning creams to interact with the skin for a while before attempting to remove them.

Tanning Beds & Indoor Tanning

If you didn’t use tanning oils or bronzers, the wait time might be shorter because there is nothing to wash off. However, they are necessary for indoor tanning in general and tanning beds in particular. The waiting period may change depending on the cosmetics you select because they are available in a variety of forms.

After you leave the session, the lotions used to enhance your tan frequently continue to work for the next three to four hours. It is entirely our fault if we skip a shower and waste the chemicals.


The same is true for tanning; depending on whether you used a tanning product, the amount of time you should wait after tanning. If you only use sunscreen and no accelerator, you can immediately take a shower.

Additionally, if you want to tan well, the morning is the best time to do it. The sun can enhance your mood and get you ready for an active day in addition to giving your skin the color of your choice.

Spray-on Tan

In order for the chemicals to penetrate and darken the skin tone as desired, as was previously stated, time is necessary. Who can guarantee that your entire body will tan evenly given the different ways that different parts of your body are sensitive? Patience is needed in this process, as opposed to one that uses no chemicals to tan.


Even though self-tanning is a form of sunless tanning, it is not the same as tanning beds. They don’t require any UV light and can stay on your body for just a few hours. In order to avoid uneven pigmentation, we must not rush to take a shower after tanning.

How Do You Take A Shower After Sunbathing?

You can finally take a shower and resume your daily activities after the three hours are up.

For the best outcomes, you must adhere to a few recommendations. They include.

Use Lukewarm Water

As a result of all that your skin has been through, it is best to avoid putting it through straining hot water and instead let it cool down to allow the skin pores to open.

Don’t Take A Bath

I am aware of your strong desire to relax in your bathtub while sipping wine. However, it is preferable to take a shower after tanning. The browning agent can more easily be removed with a bath or long shower.

Use Mild Soaps

Using harsh soaps will strip the oils from the tanning lotion and moisture from your skin. Because you can’t be sure how their chemicals will interact with the bronzer, it’s also best to stay away from scented soaps.

Don’t Exfoliate

Prior to your tanning session is the ideal time to exfoliate. Exfoliating right away after tanning can wash away some tanning solutions, resulting in uneven tanning.

Pat Yourself To Dry

The moisture in your skin or tanning solution can be removed if you rub your body with a towel.

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturize your skin after tanning to replace the moisture that was removed during the tanning process.

After-tanning Skincare Suggestions

No matter how you tan, there are a number of techniques you can employ to improve your results in just a few weeks:

  • Plan your manicures, waxing appointments, and massages in advance if you enjoy getting them done.
  • It is best to wax a day in advance. It might either stay on your skin or make it extremely sensitive.
  • Your pores will be able to return to their pre-exfoliated state if you do so at least four hours before your tanning session. Additionally, the exfoliator needs to be free of oils.
  • Remove all cosmetics, including lotions and makeup, before tanning.
  • You can maintain your tan by avoiding steam rooms, baths, saunas, and other activities that make your skin too moist.
  • Moisturize your skin at least twice per day after tanning, ideally in the morning and at night.
  • Exfoliate once more when you’re prepared to bid your tans farewell.


The bottom line is that you should wait 2-3 hours after application, or your tanning session, before taking a shower if you’re using any kind of self-tanner or tanning lotion with a bronzer in it. This will guarantee that self-tanners and bronzers have enough time to work and have completely dried on the skin.

Beyond this point, these chemicals aren’t really doing much of anything and can be removed gently and safely.

It is generally safe to take a shower soon after your tanning session if you are sunbathing or UV tanning without the use of bronzers or tanning accelerators.

The natural melanin production in the skin won’t be affected by showering, and there may be a slight benefit to waiting around 20 minutes or so for the skin to completely cool down after a session.

Good luck finding the ideal skin tone and stay safe!

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