Can You Eat Takis With Braces - What to Pay Attention to?
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Can You Eat Takis With Braces – What to Pay Attention to?

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Are you asking if you can eat Takis while wearing braces because you ended up here?

Takis cannot be consumed while wearing braces. All crunchy foods that easily stick to your teeth are bad for braces. But you can also check what kind of food to eat with braces in our guide!

If you have braces, you can or cannot eat this common snack, and we will examine this topic in detail in this article.

Can You Eat Takis When You Have Braces?

Can You Eat Takis With Braces - What to Pay Attention to?

Takis are among the best snacks available. They are incredibly tasty, spicy, and flavorful. You might be wondering if you can still enjoy this tasty treat if you have braces, though.

Braces may not work well with takis because they are hard and crunchy. A bracket could be broken if you bite into a Takis incorrectly.

I had braces, so I can attest to the unpleasantness of broken brackets. They might make your treatment more time-consuming, painful, and annoying to fix.

I didn’t deprive myself of any of the foods I enjoyed while wearing braces, though. Simply put, I’ve learned to be more cautious and take extra safety measures when consuming particular foods.

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How to Eat Takis Safely With Braces?

Can You Eat Takis With Braces - What to Pay Attention to?

If you need to get your Takis fixed, there are some precautions you can take to reduce the chance of harming your braces.

Here are some tips:

  • Cut the Takis into smaller pieces: They will be simpler to eat as a result and less likely to harm your braces.
  • Be careful when you bite into them: Be careful when biting into the Takis and take your time. Be careful not to bite down too hard because doing so could break them and possibly harm your braces.
  • Eat them using your back teeth: This may aid in preventing them from adhering to your braces and harming them.

Tips to Eat Takis With Braces

So by now, you ought to have a good understanding of why Takis shouldn’t be consumed while sporting braces. However, if you for any reason still decide to do that, you should at least follow these essential tips afterward:

Can You Eat Takis With Braces - What to Pay Attention to?

Tip 1

Takis with braces should, as we’ve already mentioned, be eaten after letting it melt on your tongue for a while. So the Takis won’t break the brackets on your braces when you bite into them.

However, it also increases the likelihood that some of it will get stuck in your braces in some way. Consequently, you should always carefully brush your teeth after!

Tip 2

But since it’s likely that won’t be enough, you’ll also probably need to use some dental floss afterward. To do that, first tie a knot in it, then pull the scraps out of the braces using the knot.

Can You Eat Chips If You Just Got Braces?

Your choice to consume chips is entirely up to you. It’s crucial to keep in mind though that eating chips while wearing braces can harm your orthodontic appliance and affect the course of your treatment.

High levels of salt present in chips can damage metal brackets and wires through corrosion by encouraging bacterial growth. Due to the bacteria, these surfaces may become stained and discolored in addition to becoming irritated on the gums.

Eating chips while wearing braces can have negative effects on your health, but it can also affect the way your teeth look because hard foods like chips put extra pressure on your teeth as you chew, which in some cases can result in premature wear.

Can Chips and Hard Bread Mess Up My Wire?

Can You Eat Takis With Braces - What to Pay Attention to?

The flexible wires used to secure your braces to your teeth are used when they are first applied. This enables the free movement of your teeth within your jaw as the braces gradually take shape.

The wires can become extremely brittle and bend easily when you bite down on the chips, permanently damaging the wire or even breaking it.

Chips and crusty bread can damage the wire in your braces because of this. Pay attention to any potential bends. You might need to have your orthodontist take out your wires and replace them with new ones if you do notice a bend in them.

Here Are Some Types of Chips That You Should Avoid:

  • Crunchy Chips: Too-crunchy chips can damage your teeth and gums and interfere with the function of your braces. It’s best to stay away from tortilla chip varieties that are puffier, airier, and less crunchy.
  • Hard Chips: Avoid purchasing pretzels or other hard snacks like nuts and seeds that could get stuck in between the wires of your braces because you don’t want to be crunching down on them while wearing braces.
  • Sugar-coated Varieties: Plaque is more likely to form in your mouth if you consume sugar because it attracts bacteria easier than simply salted foods. Not to mention the fact that eating sugary foods is bad for your teeth in general! Fruit is a better option if you want something sweet after dinner.

Soft Potato Chips Are Great for Braces

Because they are less damaging to your braces than hard potato chips, soft ones are preferable. However, be careful not to just grab any soft potato chip; it must be soft enough so that it won’t hurt or cut into your teeth as you eat it. It’s not good for anyone if the chips are too hard or crunchy because that could scratch or bruise your gums.

In addition, avoid eating anything with excessive amounts of salt or sugar because they will irritate your mouth even more than regular soda does when you drink it through a straw.

Can You Eat Cheetos With Braces?

Can You Eat Takis With Braces - What to Pay Attention to?

Cheetos are generally not a good idea to eat while wearing braces because they are a sticky, hard, and crunchy food. Brackets or wires may be harmed. It is probably best to stay away from foods that are considered to be hard and crunchy, which includes Cheetos.

But you can also try a different approach to eat Cheetos while wearing braces. For more information, view this video.


Takis are the kind of chips you should avoid eating while wearing braces; you can eat them, but it is recommended not to do so. You must choose which foods to eat and which to avoid if you want to keep your braces in place.

Besides Takis, what else food can you avoid eating with the brace? Check the following guide to make a desicion!


What Kind of Chips Can You Eat With Braces?

Pringles, “baked” chips and The braces option of choice for chips is Cheeto Puffs/Fries.

Can You Eat Mini Takis With Braces?

While wearing braces, you should avoid eating Flaming Hot Cheetos, Takis, Hot Fries, Hot’n Spicy chicharrones, Flaming Hot Doritos, Sabritones chips, and Sabritas Chips. You must forcefully bite down to break up the hard, crunchy chips with your teeth because they are hot.

Can I Eat Taki Waves With Braces?

However, because Takis have a hard, crunchy texture, you should take extra care if you have braces. When tahis are bitten incorrectly, brackets can break.

Is It OK to Eat Takis?

It’s acceptable for the majority of people to occasionally indulge in takis, even though they might not be the healthiest snack option. In order to avoid overeating, be sure to keep an eye on your portion sizes and limit yourself to one serving at a time. You should be aware that one serving of Takis is one ounce (28 grams).

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