Can You Eat Pringles With Braces - What to Avoid?
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Can You Eat Pringles With Braces – What to Avoid?

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Pringles and braces don’t seem like a pretty good combo; however, appearances can often be deceiving. Can you actually eat Pringles while wearing braces, then?

Pringles can be consumed while wearing braces, despite how odd that may seem. This is because Pringles are much softer than traditional chips.

Let’s look; we predict you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Can I Eat Pringles With Braces?

Can You Eat Pringles With Braces - What to Avoid?

Yes. If eating Pringles with braces is necessary, it is advised to do so one chip at a time, slowly, and with minimal pressure on your jaw to prevent breaking the brackets on your braces.

Though chips are typically a big no-no, believe it or not, you can eat Pringles with braces! Pringles are appropriate to eat while wearing braces because, in contrast to traditional chips, they are made in a way that makes them feel soft to the touch.

Tips to Eat Pringles With Braces

Can You Eat Pringles With Braces - What to Avoid?

This is not the only advice we can give you, though, so here come our other tips to eat Pringles with braces:

Tip 1 – First things first, you should brush your teeth very carefully after eating some Pringles while wearing braces. Since Pringles are very crumbly, it is very likely that a small piece will get caught in your teeth or braces.

Can You Eat Pringles With Braces - What to Avoid?

Tip 2 – Furthermore, it is almost a given that simply brushing your teeth won’t be sufficient because of this. Hence, the second thing you’ll have to do is to get some dental floss. After that, knot it, and use that knot to remove all of the leftovers from the braces.

What Snacks Can You Eat With Braces?

Can You Eat Pringles With Braces - What to Avoid?

Meals with braces become risky if you’re not sure about eating a particular food. Hearsay about what to eat and what not to is prone to exaggeration.

Anyhow, here is a list of munchies that are safe to eat while wearing braces.

  • Fruits: Soft, easy-to-chew fruits, such as blueberries, bananas, peaches, citrus fruits, and grapes, are suitable for consumption while wearing braces.
  • Grilled or roasted vegetables.
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Baked or roasted hard fruits (apples)
  • Soft/raw vegetables like peppers, cucumbers
  • Dairy: String cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese
  • Eggs: Deviled or hard-boiled
  • Soft crackers: Oyster crackers, goldfish
  • Chips: Potato chips, veggie chips, or thin corn chips
  • Muffins, pudding, jello

Alternatives to Chips You Can Enjoy

Can You Eat Pringles With Braces - What to Avoid?

Your orthodontist can provide assistance if you still want chips but do not want to suffer the consequences. Examine possible substitutes for chips and consult your dental specialist about the best foods to eat while wearing braces. For instance, opting for baked chips rather than fried ones will guarantee a soft texture and make them easy to eat while wearing braces.

Can You Eat Pringles With Braces - What to Avoid?

Generally speaking, chips that break into large pieces and have a softer consistency are considered safe to eat. Baked chips, cheese puffs, kale chips, veggie sticks, and more are examples of salty snacks and chips that your orthodontist might recommend. Don’t forget, though, to consult your dentist before trying anything!

Final Words

Can You Eat Pringles With Braces - What to Avoid?

Since Pringles are softer and thinner than the majority of other chips on the market, people wearing braces may be able to eat them without any problems. Pringles should still be consumed with caution, though, as they should be. One chip at a time, gently munching on it, is recommended for people who are wearing braces, for example.


Is It OK to Eat Chips With Braces?

While wearing braces, you should stay away from any food that is hard and crunchy.

What Junk Food Can You Eat With Braces?

Snacks like Pringles and cheese puffs are among the best crisps you can eat without getting sick. Most fried crisps, kettle-cooked crisps, and tortilla crisps should be avoided because they can get stuck between the wires of your brace and bend them.

Can People With Braces Eat Lay’s?

In reality, the majority of common potato chips, like Lays or Pringles, are fine. The Kettle Chips and Ruffles brands of chips, however, are made with more crunch. You’ll want to avoid these chips while you have braces since they will be too hard on the brackets and wires.

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