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How Bad Does Paintball Hurt

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Paintball is a fun sport that will give you incredible and unforgettable experiences. Furthermore, there is an equal chance of shooting and being shot at when playing paintball. The severity of paintball injury is one of the main worries that new players have for this reason.

Paintballs hurt like a strong finger flicking your skin. Speed, distance, and paintball quality are some of the variables that affect how painful it is. By donning the appropriate clothing, you can lessen the pain. The pain from paintballs is therefore nothing you can’t handle, so if you’re wondering how much they hurt, don’t worry. 

Yes, you do hope to win and avoid being hit by paintballs as you prepare for the game. You must prepare yourself for every scenario on the field, though, if you’re a wise player. The extent of the pain caused by paintballs and methods for minimizing it is covered in detail below.

Paintballs Hurt How Much?

It’s safe to say that getting hit by a paintball hurts. But as was already mentioned, getting hit by a paintball doesn’t cause as much discomfort as it might. Since different people experience pain in different ways, there is typically no scale to measure how much it hurts. But you shouldn’t let the discomfort of being hit by a paintball stop you from taking part in this fantastic sport.

Why Is Paintball Painful?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why paintball is painful before we talk about how much it actually hurts.

Quality Of The Paintball

Although you wouldn’t think so, a lot can affect how painful a paintball shot is by the quality of the paintball that was used to fire it at you.

The effect of the quality, however, is not what you might anticipate.

Paintballs of lower quality have a harder shell but a less dense filling.

Impact resistance is increased by this material.

High-quality paintballs are made by manufacturers so that they will not break in the gun and will break easily upon impact.

As a result, when compared to paintballs of higher quality, those of lower quality typically hurt more when they hit you.

Velocity Of The Opponent’s Gun

Simply put, it will hurt more the harder the paintball is shot at you.

To ensure everyone’s safety, most fields have a cap on the maximum paintball velocity.

Distance Of The Shot

The power of the paintball decreases as it flies through the air.

Therefore, the impact of an opponent’s shot will be lessened the further they are from you.

In reality, most paintball fields only allow you to get 10 feet from the target to shoot.

If the shot was fired from any closer than that, it might hurt quite a bit.

Point Of Impact

The location of the shot on your body will have a significant impact on how painful it is.

Where does being struck by paintball hurt?

For instance, a shot to the back, which has less muscle and fat, will hurt more than one to the stomach.

Additionally, if a paintball is shot at an exposed area of your body rather than covered, it will hurt more.

As a result, there is usually very little to no exposed skin when you see an experienced paintballer.

How Many Times You Get Hit

While the initial blow might not hurt, if you keep getting hit in that area, you might start to experience more pain.

If you consistently take damage in the same area, you should adjust your strategy and playing style.

paintball game

What’s It Like To Get Hit By A Paintball?

Despite the fact that being hit by a paintball is not painful, it is impossible to do so and not feel it. You experience pain similar to a rubber band or bee sting when a paintball hits you. The short duration of the pain is a plus. Even if the paintball gave you a bruise, the bruise will stay on you, but the pain will go away.

You will develop a welt if you are shot up close while not wearing the appropriate protective gear. Those are different than bruises

Ways To Help You Reduce Pain When Playing Paintball

Pain from the paintballs, as was already mentioned, is not a reason not to participate. While the pain is lessened, it is also possible to lessen the discomfort you experience after being hit by a paintball. I’ve covered some strategies below for how you can lessen the pain.

Wear Protective Gear

On bare skin, a paintball will hurt more. Don’t take a chance by going to the field without the appropriate equipment in mind. Wearing clothing that covers your entire body is the proper attire. When playing paintball, you must wear protective equipment, such as:

Paintball Jersey

In addition to making you look good, this jersey shields your upper body from shot pain. Make sure the collar of the jersey is wide enough for your neck to fit through while still protecting it from gunfire. We advise purchasing the HK Army HSTL Line Jersey from It protects you with side panels that are ventilated and made of sturdy fabrics.

Groin Cup Protection

The groin cup protector is a good idea for people of both sexes to use to protect their groin area. Most players steer clear of using this because it bothers them. Purchase high-quality groin guards instead, as they will keep you cozy and well-protected throughout the game.

Paintball Footwear

If you are not adequately protected, your opponent might shoot at your feet and injure you. Get comfortable, protective shoes to help lessen the impact of paintballs that may strike you. The ideal footwear for paintball is a pair of hiking boots. Conversely, since they are both comfortable and protective, you can choose another type of shoe, like sneakers. Read More: How to Break In Running Shoes

In order to lessen pain, you should also wear the following protective gear:

  • Helmets
  • Facemasks
  • Gloves
  • Neck protector

Follow Safety Guidelines

There are a few rules that athletes must abide by in order to stay safe, just like in any other sport. Following these recommendations can lessen the pain you experience if you are hit as well as the likelihood that you will be. 

The regulations, for instance, mandate that after striking, you shout and raise your hand. This lets your adversary know that you’ve already been struck, which deters them from hitting you again, which would hurt more. 

In addition, keep your distance from other players in the field as required by the rules to prevent being struck up close. If you are playing with friends informally, establish some ground rules for safety before you begin to play to keep everyone secure.

Change Your Perception Of Pain

Paintballs are much more painful than they actually are because we fear pain. Consequently, you must alter your perspective toward pain if you want to survive in this sport. Your body needs to be trained to withstand minor discomforts, such as being hit by a paintball. Dissociation is a tool that you can use to alter your perception of pain and improve your performance in the game.

Take Aspirin Before The Game

The majority of athletes take aspirin before games to help with any potential pain. You can apply the same strategy for paintball by taking aspirin tablets prior to your game. However, if all other attempts to make paintballs less painful have failed, this should be the last resort.

Use Quality Paintballs

As was already mentioned, how painful a paintball will be when it hits you depends on the quality of the paintballs you use. Decide to use high-quality paintballs together with your opponents. You can play the game with fewer hassles thanks to the high-quality paintballs’ reduced discomfort.


Paintball is no exception to the rule that to succeed in any game, you must be willing to take chances and rise to the challenges. Fortunately, you won’t even notice the pain of a paintball hit once you get used to the game. In order to play the game for a long time, you should pay attention to the pain-reduction techniques.  

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