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How to Lat Spread – Lat Spread Tutorial 2023

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The Lat Spread Pose is one of the most popular and basic poses in bodybuilding competitions. Many inexperienced bodybuilders don’t know how to lat spread.

There are several different lat spread poses, including the front lat spread, rear/back lat spread, and the well-known Arnold lat spread pose.

The lat spread’s origins, proper execution, and physical characteristics will all be covered in this article.

How to Lat Spread Step-by-Step

For bodybuilding competitions, the Lat Spread Pose is a must-do pose because of its popularity. Many inexperienced bodybuilders are unsure of how to perform the Lat Spread. It’s harder than you might think to engage and spread your lats.

A quality lat spread pose requires you to use all of your muscles and your body weight to position yourself correctly.

Here are some simple steps on how to do the front and rear/back Lat Spread:

Front Lat Spread

While the front lat spread pose is very similar to the rear lat spread, you should make sure your entire body is in alignment because the judges can see your front muscles contracting in this position.

Here are the steps to a front lat spread:

  1. Start from the ground up with feet should length apart
  2. Make two fists and place them towards the back of your waist with both thumbs touching right at the lower back
  3. Move hands to the front of the waist, stretching the lower backs skin to ensure everything is tight
  4. As you squeeze, flare the lat muscles to create the best spread possible
  5. Lift chest as high as possible
  6. Do not lean back

Rear Lat Spread (Back)

A simple way to demonstrate your lats’ capacity to spread from the back is the rear or back lat spread.

The rear lat spread is performed by doing the following:

  1. Activate the hamstrings
  2. Don’t tuck your pelvis
  3. Keep your chest lifted
  4. Keep your head and chin straight forward (do not turtle your neck or back)
  5. Place your hands on your waist
  6. Bring your elbows back
  7. Pull your shoulders back, up, and wide.
  8. Curve your spine forward to pull the lats into place

Bodybuilder’s Famous Lat Spreads

There are many different types of lat spreads, but some are more well-known than others.

Here are a few of the most popular Lat Spreads in the world of bodybuilding:

Arnold Lat Spread

One of the most well-known lat spreads bears Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name.

By arching the back and pushing the chest as far out as possible, the Arnold Lat Spread is performed.

This enabled Arnold to win numerous bodybuilding contest titles, including Mr. Olypia.

Ronnie Coleman Lat Spread

Ronnie Coleman, one of the most well-known bodybuilders of all time, is honored with the name of this lat spread. The Arnold Lat Spread is similar to the Ronnie Coleman Lat Spread, but with a little more style.

During his Lat Spread, Ronnie frequently added a clap, which amazed the audience.

14. How to Lat Spread2

Dorian Yates Lat Spread

The Dorian Yates Lat Spread bears his name in honor of one of the greatest bodybuilders ever.

Similar to the Arnold Lat Spread, the Dorian Yates Lat Spread has a little bit more back and less chest.

Cbum Lat Spread

The lat spread, made popular by bodybuilder Chris Bumstead, is a fantastic exercise for showcasing your lats.

Chris Bumstead, better known as “cbum” is the current reigning Mr. Olypia in 2019 through 2021.

Many people say there is no comparison, and on social media, the term “cbum latspread” has gone viral simply because Chris has enormously developed lat muscles.

To do the Chris Bum Lat Spread (cbum latspread):

  • Start by getting into a push-up position
  • Keep your elbows close to your body and tuck your chin
  • lower yourself until your chest is an inch from the ground
  • Once you reach the bottom, explosively push yourself back up

The Front Lat Spread

You need to stand with your feet wider than your shoulder width to perform the best front lat spread. The knees must be slightly bent and one foot must be in front of the other. Keep your front foot flat and angled at a 30-degree angle as you face the audience. After that, you get ready for the pose by standing on the toes of your back foot.

Fist-making motions will cause the muscles to contract and be visible as you hold the pose. Put them at your sides, level with your belly button. With your thumbs hooked behind your waist, position your palms downward. With the arms at a 90-degree angle, you will be able to open up your laterals in this pose.

Holding your shoulder down and separating your shoulder blades will finish the pose. To emphasize your muscle definition and body lines, you must tense your muscles. To make the pose more comfortable for your body, make sure to practice this move in front of a mirror. The ideal stance will require practice, but you must persevere until you can do it effortlessly.

The Rear Lat Spread

The starting stance for the rear lat spread will be the same as for the front. With one foot in front of the other, your feet should be wider than shoulder width apart. Put your weight on the toes of the back foot while angling the front foot.

In the first position, your hands should be at your sides and level with your belly button. Your palms should be facing down and your thumbs should be hooked behind your waist. If you do this correctly, your pose should resemble the front lat spread and have your arms at a 90-degree angle.

You push your shoulder blades together when you start holding your shoulder down as opposed to pulling them apart. By compacting it, you can show off your developed lat muscles to the judges and audience.

After compacting it, keep your fist at your sides and thrust your elbows in front of your torso. It will spread your lats out and enhance their definition while enlarging your shoulder blades. As you do this, remember to tense your muscles. It might be necessary to use more mirrors or recording equipment to perfect this pose.

Flexing Your Laterals

The next difficulty is being able to demonstrate your pose with the best form possible while maintaining your laterals. As proportion is crucial to scoring highly in the competition, it is imperative to do so correctly. Stretching before the event will help your lats relax and facilitate your movements later. To maximize growth, you should also use this technique when working out.

Keep in mind that you should stop posing and give your muscles some rest if you’re in pain. You may get tired from the poses, so it’s important to relieve the stress before the performance so you can give your best effort.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Not asking for assistance when posing and flexing is a common error made by beginners. At first, it may be difficult because the laterals don’t flex frequently. Ask your trainers for assistance if they can serve as a guide.

Keep in mind that you are practicing, not straining. It’s best to stop practicing and give your muscles time to recover if the poses start to feel too uncomfortable. Pushing it too far could result in an injury that keeps you from competing.

You will get better as long as you keep practicing. Similar to how you exercise, you can practice flexing. Set aside time each week to practice your flexes. To keep themselves motivated and track their development, some bodybuilders do this while they are working out.

And finally, always practice mindfulness. You need to be aware of the muscles you are using and feel them. It will take some time for you to get used to the movement, but you will. You won’t flex the wrong muscles because you’ll be aware of that sensation.

Practicing Your Flexing and Poses

Isolating your lats is one of the things you should pay attention to while practicing. Learning how to accentuate the area will help you get a sense of the area, which is necessary. By arching your lower back, you can push out your butt and chest, which is one way to achieve this. Lift your arms with your elbows slightly raised while pulling your shoulders back.

You’ll start to see your lats stand out as you check yourself in the mirror. You can practice the pose from here. You can correct bad movements by watching a recording of your flexing or looking in the mirror. Many of the competitors might struggle to display particular body parts.

Keep in mind that you are not required to maintain body engagement while performing this. To practice the posture and form, you can adopt relaxed poses. Practice posing as if you’re competing, and you can add more.

Checking variations is a further method of practice. There are numerous ways to highlight your lats while also highlighting other advantages.

Clasping your hands together is a common alternative. You can display your pecs and arms by carrying out this exercise while performing the front lat spread. You can also flex your lats while striking the double biceps position. To display your calf muscles, you must turn your leg around and slightly bend it.

Strive for An Overall Approach

The lat spread is one piece of the puzzle, but the top bodybuilders understand that they must also work on their overall physique. In all areas, you must demonstrate development and definition. You can strike a pose, but make sure to show off all your accomplishments. Bodybuilders are skilled at displaying their bodies to the best advantage of the audience.

Learn more exercises for a healthy lifestyle below!

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