Why Does Vape Juice Turn Brown - Reasons & Solution
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Why Does Vape Juice Turn Brown – Reasons & Solution

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Have you ever noticed a change in the color of your vape juice? Many people interpret this as evidence that the e-liquid has expired when it occurs. That might not be the case, though.

Your e-liquid may turn brown or darker in color due to a number of processes, the two most frequent of which are oxidation and photosensitivity.

The liquid may eventually turn a brown or deep amber color, which may be unappealing, if a consumer doesn’t finish their bottles right away.

Let’s discuss the underlying science of the change and how to prevent it from occurring again rather than making the error of discarding a product that may still be useful.

What is the Natural Color of E-juices?

Why Does Vape Juice Turn Brown - Reasons & Solution

Vape juices are typically clear or slightly yellow when they are first made. This color is a result of the e-liquid’s ingredients, which include water, propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin, nicotine, flavor, and other substances.

Remember that the vape juice will turn brown more quickly the more nicotine there is in it.

My Bottle of Vape Juice Turns Brown

Why Does Vape Juice Turn Brown - Reasons & Solution

You recently bought a brand-new bottle of vape juice, and you are enjoying the flavor.

You carry the e-liquid with you wherever you go for a few days because you don’t want to be without it when it’s time to refill the tank.

While this is going on, you keep leaving it in the warm car, and before you know it, the clear e-liquid has turned into a dark one.

Why did this happen? Oxidation.

A change in color can be caused by the nicotine oxidizing if e-liquid is left in an unstable environment, exposed to oxygen, or in direct sunlight.

It’s crucial to remember that oxidation happens naturally as vape juice ages, and the more nicotine there is in the product, the darker it will get. The life and color of your e-juice can be increased, though, by making a few adjustments.

Tips to Prevent Vape Juice from Darkening

There are ways to slow down the process of your juice aging, even though you can’t completely stop it.

Try Not to Travel With It and Keep It Sealed

A common mistake is not closing your lid tightly enough. Seal it as tightly as you can; I know it sounds obvious, but don’t let oxygen in if you don’t want it to.

Secondly, unless absolutely necessary, avoid taking juice on the road. Moving between unstable environments can have a significant impact on the chemicals. If you must transport it, it is best to store it somewhere dimly lit and at room temperature.

Store It Properly

Speaking of temperature, a cool, dark environment would be the best for longevity. If you plan to use your e-liquid over a short period, a cabinet or drawer will suffice.

For long-term use? The refrigerator is the best place to store food because it can stop bacterial growth, maintain color longer, and preserve the juice’s integrity.

If you don’t intend to fill your tank frequently, putting it in the fridge runs the risk of changing the flavor and consistency.

Why Does Vape Juice Turn Brown - Reasons & Solution

Don’t Mix Juices

Please, do not mix juices, we beg you. They cannot be together, even if you have two bottles of the same flavor and brand.

When oxygen is contaminated, it won’t just ruin one bottle; it will also have a negative impact on the other. If you ignore our advice, this could happen.

Quality Matters

You should consider Hometown Hero’s line of e-juice because if you purchase cheap vape juice, you may end up with a product that not only turns brown but also has other negative effects on your vape or, worse, your health.

To guarantee that our customers receive the ideal balance of flavor and smoothness, each bottle is made with premium ingredients. Our entire product line is made in the United States. and thoroughly tested for quality.

More than 15 delectable flavors that provide you with a unique experience are available in our online store. In addition to receiving high-quality products when you place an order with us today, a portion of your purchase will be donated to veteran charities.

Why is My E-Liquid Turning Brown in Tank?

After your e-liquid is in your tank, oxidation occurs quickly, but that’s not the only factor that affects the color.

There may be artificial sweeteners and sugar in e-liquids with fruity and sweet flavors to enhance the flavor.

Your e-liquid’s texture and color will change once your juice has warmed up in your tank. This is because the sugar in your juice will begin to caramelize. And after a few treatments, you’ll start to see a change in color in the cotton, coil, and liquid.

Continue vaping while in this state; there’s nothing wrong with it. But eventually, this substance will turn into a gooey, sticky mess.

This is a warning that your coil needs to be replaced and your tank cleaned.

Unfortunately, the only way to stop your e-juice from turning brown in the tank is to regularly replace the liquid or to only use juice without sweeteners.

Is E-Liquid That Changes Color Safe?

Why Does Vape Juice Turn Brown - Reasons & Solution

Although we completely understand why you might be hesitant to use an e-liquid that has discoloration, should it be discarded? Of course not.

Don’t make the mistake of discarding perfectly good vape juice just because the color changed. You can still use it safely unless the liquid is exceptionally dark.

Remember that oxidation is a normal chemical reaction that has no impact on the taste or experience of vaping, so try not to get discouraged by the change in your juice.


A frustrating occurrence is when your vape juice turns dark. However, by using the knowledge you’ve gained and the advice we’ve provided, you can stop the oxidation process. To make sure that your tank doesn’t get clogged or drastically change color once more, just keep in mind to clean your tank frequently and avoid mixing e-juices.


Is It Bad If Vape Juice Turns Brown?

You don’t need to throw away your e-liquid if it turns brown shortly after purchase; it’s still safe to use.

How Do You Keep Vape Juice from Turning Brown?

The nicotine in your e-liquid gradually changes color when exposed to heat and light. While keeping it cool and dark won’t completely stop the darkening, it will significantly slow down the oxidation process.

Is It OK to Smoke Oxidized Vape Juice?

When oxygen from the outside air is introduced to the bottle of e-liquid, oxidization takes place. This process cannot be avoided because you need to regularly open your vape juice bottle to refill your tank or pod, but it is completely safe as long as the vape juice is not overly old.

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