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How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 9 Simple Ways

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Petroleum jelly can be an excellent product for many skincare hacks, but the last thing you want to do is bring it anywhere close to your hair.

The best option for removing Vaseline from hair is clarifying shampoo. You can also combine dish soap and regular shampoo, cornstarch, or baby powder.

I’ve created the ideal guide that will enable you to remove Vaseline from your hair without endangering your hair or your sanity.

Why is It Difficult to Remove Vaseline from Your Hair?

Vaseline is an extremely potent concoction of different minerals, oils, and chemicals. Getting Vaseline out of hair can be difficult and tricky, despite the fact that it’s a great product for a variety of uses.

Because it is made of waxes and oils, petroleum jelly is quite clingy and stubborn and sticks to hair very easily. As a result, it is water-repellent and insoluble in water.

This is why you need to use extra caution when applying Vaseline or other petroleum-based products to your hair.

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How to Get Vaseline Out of Hair?

If you don’t want to miss out on the benefits that Vaseline can offer to your hair, you’re probably asking one thing: “I want to wash Vaseline out of my hair.”

We’ve compiled eight effective ways to effectively remove Vaseline from hair to assist you with that.

Read below and learn how to wash Vaseline out of hair correctly.

Pro Tip: Before you try any of these hacks, you should follow these steps for greater results:

  1. To ensure there are no lumps or clumps in your hair, wipe off as much of the excess Vaseline from your hair using blotting paper or a paper towel. Otherwise, extra Vaseline will only spread to other areas of your head, aggravating the problem.
  2. Do not wet your hair at this time! Do your best to blot the Vaseline from your hair strands without rubbing it in any further.

Glycerin Soap

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

The best soap to remove Vaseline from hair is glycerin soap because it is made of fats and natural oils. Any neighborhood drugstore will sell it, usually in the form of a bar or liquid.

Glycerol, a component of oil or fat, is present in glycerin soaps. It may seem counterintuitive to use an oil-based soap to remove an oil-based ointment. It actually makes sense, though!

Dermatologists claim that oil absorbs oil, not water, so glycerin soaps can effectively dissolve and remove extra dirt from your hair while leaving it clean.

  1. Utilizing a paper towel that is absorbent, wipe and blot as much of the Vaseline product from your hair as you can.
  2. The area of the hair with the product should be wet.
  3. To get rid of the excess Vaseline, apply a small amount of liquid glycerin soap to your fingertips and rub it onto the troubled area.
    You must first wet glycerin soap bars with hot water. Once it forms a soapy lather, take some of it and massage the affected area and hair strands with downward strokes.
  4. Gently massage the glycerin soap into your hair, then wait about 20 minutes before rinsing it out.
  5. Feel free to add more soap if you need to.
  6. Lastly, wash the soap from your hair using warm water and shampoo.

Clarifying Shampoo

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

Using a clarifying shampoo is the best and simplest way to deal with Vaseline on your hair. To effectively remove petroleum from hair, use it in the same way that glycerin soaps are used.

Clarifying shampoos are designed specifically to trap any accumulation of impurities and remove any type of remaining product.

In order to get rid of all the extra natural dry shampoo products you used throughout the day, you can also use a clarifying shampoo.

But keep in mind that harsh substances are present in clarifying shampoos. So if you don’t want to harm your hair, be careful not to use too much product or too frequently.

Wash your hair once more until the water is clear.

Baking Soda

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a fine powder that is excellent at soaking up oil and grease. It has become a standard in most homes because it is an inexpensive and effective deodorizer.

Baking soda works well to remove grease and oil from your hair because it is a highly absorbent substance.

  1. Apply a generous amount of baking soda to the greasy area of your hair after using blotting paper or a paper towel to remove the excess Vaseline from it.
  2. Use your fingertips to gently rub it. If you don’t want the Vaseline to clog your scalp, don’t rub it too much.
  3. In order to absorb the extra oil, let it rest on your hair strands. This procedure usually takes five to ten minutes.
  4. After that, remove it by giving your hair a warm water and clarifying shampoo wash.

If necessary, you can also reapply and redo the process to ensure that all the petroleum oils are soaked.

Last but not least, you must shampoo your hair to help get rid of any remaining baking soda and oil traces.

Baby Powder

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

Baby powder is a common household item. To get rid of Vaseline from your hair, use it as an alternative to baking soda.

To get fantastic results, follow the instructions for the baking soda method.

However, you need to be mindful of two things if you’re using baby powder to remove Vaseline on hair:

  • Because baby powder typically contains crushed talc, which further complicates medical conditions, use caution if you have respiratory issues. Stay away from anything that contains talc, if at all possible.
  • To avoid rubbing the petroleum deeper into your hair follicles and shaft, take care when using a towel on your hair.


How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

Eggs can help you clean your hair, but keep in mind that this is a messy and unpleasant technique!

Use a few beaten eggs the same way you would a shampoo after whisking them. Voila! Vaseline-free hair after washing it with the mixture!

Dish Soap

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

The harsh cleaning agents found in typical dish soaps are designed to dissolve the grease on your dishes. In a similar manner, you can use it to remove Vaseline from your hair.

  1. As you would with shampoo, apply the dish soap.
  2. In the areas of the hair where there is petroleum, massage the soap in.
  3. Rinse, and don’t forget to follow it up with a quality conditioner or hair mask to replenish the moisture in your hair.

Notably, dishwashing soaps should not be applied to the hair or scalp. Therefore, use the least amount of soap possible.

Skin-Safe Adhesive Remover

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

Some adhesive removers can be used on your skin and hair without causing damage and are extremely effective at getting rid of sticky, gooey materials like Vaseline. Just make sure that you read the labels carefully before applying them to your hair to ensure it is safe.

Additionally, unless the affected area is very small, these products ought to be used as a last resort. To use, wipe away all excess Vaseline and tie back all of the unaffected hair.

Gently wipe the affected area of your hair downward after applying a very small amount of adhesive remover to a cotton ball.

This method should make it easy to get rid of the majority of the Vaseline. Even so, you might want to give your hair a thorough wash afterwards using either your regular shampoo or a different one to completely get rid of any leftover debris.

Cornmeal Powder

How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

This home remedy for removing Vaseline from your hair may be a bit messy, but it can be very effective. Made from ground-up, dried corn, cornmeal is a fine powder.

Vaseline and other greasy or oily substances can be effectively absorbed by its high absorption capacity. First, make sure there is no clumping of Vaseline and remove all excess before attempting this method.

Gently blot and wipe away all of the extra Vaseline using a tissue or paper towel. As a result, all that will be left is the oily residue.

To treat the affected hair, liberally sprinkle the cornmeal over it and let it sit for a few minutes. When exposed to oil, it will absorb it and start to clump.

As soon as this occurs, take off the cornmeal and reapply it as necessary. For all of the extra oil to be removed, you might need to repeat this process several times. Afterward, use a clarifying shampoo or your regular shampoo to wash your hair.


How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair with 10 Simple Ways

Most homes contain baking flour, which is an excellent alternative to removing Vaseline from your hair if you are in a pinch. It’s not just cheap; it also absorbs a lot of moisture.

Take out as much Vaseline from your hair as you can using a tissue, an old towel, or paper towels. Apply the flour, coating the affected area completely, and then gently run your fingers through your hair.

The excess grease will be quickly absorbed by the flour, which will then start to clump. When this happens, remove the flour and reapply until all traces of the Vaseline are gone.

How Long Does Vaseline Last in Your Hair?

For most people, it can be a lifesaver, and for those who always wear their hair up, it can be a blessing.

It’s an easy way to make your updo last longer without having to use pins and bobby pins between each layer of hair. How much time does it last, though?

Depending on what you use it for, it will last as long as your style does (even overnight) if you use it as a sealant like hairdressers in a salon.

Things get complicated if you only use it in your hair as a moisturizer or shine enhancer.

It will break down over time due to its petroleum content which means that after time, it will leave your hair feeling greasy.

Hair Care After Removing Vaseline from Your Hair?

Your hair shouldn’t suffer any harm as long as you only use natural methods to wash the petroleum jelly out of it. However, after removing the Vaseline, don’t forget to give your hair a thorough hair wash.

Use a clarifying shampoo first, then your regular shampoo, and rinse it all out with warm water. Use your conditioner with extra focus on the locks that had the Vaseline, and leave it on for five to seven minutes.

After that, use a hair mask to finish the deep conditioning process. Your hair should air dry.

Will Vaseline Eventually Come Out of Hair?

You can be relieved in the knowledge that Vaseline will eventually leave your hair, as explained in many of the removals above. As long as you follow the appropriate steps, your hair will be Vaseline-free in no time.

The best way to avoid any future issues is to try and prevent getting Vaseline or other types of petroleum jelly in your hair when you use it again. It can save a lot of time and hassle.

Any beauty advice or procedures that recommend applying petroleum jelly to your hair should be avoided.

Will My Hair Be Damaged?

Your hair shouldn’t be harmed in the long run as long as you take quick action and use natural remedies.

Invest in high-quality hair care products, which can occasionally be pricey. Your hair can be greatly improved and maintained with the use of high-quality products.

Regular trips to the hairdresser can be helpful, despite being pricey. A hairdresser will use state-of-the-art products and technology to look after your hair and scalp – preventing any long-lasting damage.


How Hard is It to Get Vaseline Out of Hair?

Vaseline is an oil-based product, which presents one of the main challenges when trying to remove it from your hair. This indicates that you cannot simply wash it with warm water and that it is not soluble in water. Luckily, one of the best solutions is to use natural oils — such as olive oil — to combat the power of petroleum jelly. (Read More: Argan vs Olive Oil For Skin & Hair)

What Happens If Vaseline is Applied on Hair?

By reducing dandruff, controlling split ends, and halting moisture loss, Vaseline encourages hair growth and health.

What Will Remove Petroleum Jelly?

A cotton ball, white paper towel, or clean, white cloth should be treated with rubbing alcohol. Use a blotting motion to remove the stain or to prevent any color from transferring to the cloth if it penetrates far into the pile. As this will ruin the latex bond, do not let the alcohol seep into the backing.

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