How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!
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How to Get Sand Out of Hair – 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

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Trying to figure out how to remove sand from curly hair? You’re at the beach, taking in the sun and the waves, when you suddenly realize that you have it in your hair. Your curls are covered in it, and it has managed to get inside the cracks.

How can you then remove sand from your hair? Sand can be gently removed from your hair using water to help it become more pliable.

Although it can be challenging, if you stick with it, you’ll soon be enjoying a life free of beach sand. We have the best advice for you if you’re dealing with sand in your curly hair! We’ll demonstrate how to remove the sand from it without causing any harm.

How to Wash Sand Out of Hair?

Shake It Out

How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

You don’t need to drag all that sand into your bathtub or shower. Shake out as much sand as you can before attempting to wash it from your hair. Since adding water will cause the sand particles to clump together, this is especially crucial if your hair is dry.

Even more, sand may be removed than with just your fingers by using a soft-bristle brush.

Rinse, Lather, and Repeat

How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

The best method to remove sand from your hair and scalp is typically your regular shampoo. To get rid of all the sand, however, might require more than one attempt.

Make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner after. As you massage shampoo into your scalp, think about applying conditioner to the ends of your hair.

(Traditional shampoos and co-washes both typically remove sand from the hair effectively. So there’s no need to worry about stripping your hair with sulfates and other harsh chemicals.)

Use the Right Tools

How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

Start by using a wide-tooth comb to detangle dry hair. This will prevent knots from forming and make it simpler to access your entire head.

Use the tiniest comb your hair texture can handle once it is wet to manually remove sand particles. To make the comb easier to use while combing through your hair, we advise using a small amount of conditioner.

How to Get Sand Out of Thick Or Naturally Curly Hair?

Instead of hopping in the shower, we advise adding enough water to a bowl, sink, or bathtub to completely submerge your hair. The hair will move more freely the more room there is for it to do so.

Your scalp and hair can be massaged using your fingers. For more lubrication, you can mix some moisturizing shampoo or light conditioner with the water. The sand ought to become looser over time and sink to the basin’s bottom.

How to Get Sand Out of Braids?

How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

Before soaking the braids, all loose sand must be removed. Shake everything out after removing sand fragments with a brush from the scalp.

Before applying a lathering shampoo, we also suggest rinsing your hair to remove any buildup. By doing this, you can be sure that all of the sand on the surface has been removed before tackling any debris inside the braids.

How to Get Sand Out of Baby’s Hair?

How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

The most effective method for removing sand from a baby’s or toddler’s hair ultimately depends on the type and style of their hair. Use softer products and apply less pressure while following the same procedures as you would for an adult’s hair.

As you work, be patient and mindful of the child’s comfort. Once the majority of the sand has been removed, it is preferable to give them a break or even to wait until the next day rather than pushing them past their breaking point.

How to Get Sand Out of Hair Without Water?

The simplest solution—washing the sand out of your hair—works and is the most obvious. However, there are many situations in which it would be beneficial to eliminate coarse sand fragments without using water.

Here are some of the top water-free methods worth trying:

Hair Dryer

How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

It’s surprising how much sand can be released by gently shaking your hair with your fingers! However, getting rid of everything is unlikely.

To get more force, try blowing the last of the sand out of your hair with a hairdryer. To prevent unneeded heat damage, a cold air setting on the dryer is ideal.

The sand that blows out of your hair has to go somewhere, so keep that in mind. If possible, we advise applying this technique outside. To make cleaning up all of those loose sand particles a little easier, you can also stand in a dry shower stall (you might want to vacuum the sand up rather than flush it down the drain).


How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

What kind of cleaning agent would you use to remove sand from your floors if it were tracked into your house? The answer is most likely a vacuum. Well, you can also use this household item to remove sand that has built up in your locks.

Use a clean hose attachment to get the best results. Any buildup on your vacuum’s hose nozzle can be eliminated with mild soap and water.

In some cases, the better the suction, the stronger. Test the power of your vacuum before using it on your hair and scalp.

Baby Powder

How to Get Sand Out of Hair - 3 Tips & Tricks to Try!

Applying baby powder to your head is one of the less obvious ways to get sand out of your hair. The theory is that baby powder coats the particles, preventing them from “grabbing” onto your hair, and/or absorbs excess moisture that may be making the sand extra sticky.

Dry your hair completely before applying baby powder. Any other approach will only result in a sticky mess. Focus on areas of your hair where you can feel a lot of sand and work the powder into your hair with your fingertips.

When your hair and scalp have been thoroughly covered with baby powder, you can proceed to wash your hair or use one of the other waterless techniques mentioned above.

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Tips to Remove Sand from Hair With Minimal Stress

  • Remove as much sand as you can before adding water. A wide-tooth comb and a little shaking can go a long way if you have relatively straight hair. Try one of the other waterless techniques listed below if your hair is thick or curly to begin with.
  • Large amounts of sand may be difficult for household drains to handle. So it’s good for you and your home’s fixtures if you clear the bathroom of as much sand as you can before entering!
  • Finding and removing particularly difficult-to-remove sand grains is much easier when you have assistance. Given how difficult it can be to remove sand from hair, it can also prevent arm fatigue!

In Conclusion

Some of these methods for removing sand may be novel to you, but they are very successful. With these techniques in mind, I hope you can enjoy a hassle-free day at the beach without worrying about getting sand in your hair! Simply venture outside to enjoy the sand and surf!


What Happens If You Have Sand in Your Hair?

Even though sand won’t harm your hair’s structural integrity, no one wants a scrappy, sandy scalp that might resemble dandruff.

How Do You Get Sand Out of Kids Hair?

Baby powder is the best product for cleaning sand out of hair. This common household item dries the sand to make it easier to shake out and functions as a type of dry shampoo.

How Do You Get Sand Out of Hair Roots?

Baby powder in a travel-sized bottle should always be in your beach bag. Hair: Baby powder will also remove gritty sand from dry scalps and hair. Sprinkle a small amount at the roots, tilt your head backwards, and tussle your hair at the root to release sand. Use a fine-toothed comb for straight hair.

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