How Often Should I Receive Reiki - What You Should Know
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How Often Should I Receive Reiki – What You Should Know

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These are the most typical questions that clients ask me after my Energy Alchemy sessions. When should I schedule a subsequent session? How frequently are people given Reiki? How often should I receive energy work if I want to heal from xyz (chronic illness, childhood trauma, etc.)?

Sessions may be scheduled weekly, every other week, or monthly. Or just to come in whenever you feel the “tug” of Reiki.

How Often Do I Need a Reiki Session?

How Often Should I Receive Reiki - What You Should Know

Even one Reiki session can have an impact, but multiple sessions over time may be more beneficial. Depending on the needs of the individual, these might be weekly, biweekly, or less frequently. You will talk over and possibly review a treatment plan with your doctor. You can always modify this based on your personal preferences and the state of development.

What Should I Do During the Session?

What can you do to feel comfortable during your Reiki experience once you have invested the time to find a reputable practitioner with whom you click? Not much, but here are a few suggestions:

  1. Bring relaxing music to your session if you have any special favorites, and ask the practitioner to play it. Alternatively, you can ask for silence.
  2. So that you can lie down comfortably during your session, use the restroom before it.
  3. To ensure that you are completely aware of what to expect, ask your practitioner to demonstrate the hand placements before beginning, especially if you are at all uncomfortable being touched.
  4. Before you begin, let the practitioner know what you need. Say so, for instance, if you have trouble breathing and find it uncomfortable to lie flat. Or let the practitioner know if you’ve recently had surgery and don’t want the area around the tender scar touched (she can put her hand there). It might not be possible to lie on your stomach if you are pregnant or have digestive issues. Tell your doctor about it.

You’ll begin to feel more at ease as the session goes on. You always have the option to change your position if you start to feel uncomfortable. Ask for anything that will make you more comfortable, such as a blanket or more support for your knees. Your therapist is there to assist you during this special time.

How Often Should I Receive Reiki - What You Should Know

It’s a wonderful passive experience to receive Reiki. Simply allow the Reiki to calm you; don’t attempt to relax. The session will progress naturally as your state changes. Feel free to daydream, listen to music, or just pay attention to your breath or the therapy’s effects as you wait.

Effects of Reiki One Time Only

Any energy worker will have a story like this, and I’ve already witnessed it dozens of times in my practice: A new client walks in, has a wonderful experience, discusses how much better they feel, and then never schedules another appointment. Let’s unpack the pros and cons of this one-time taste of Reiki.

On the plus side, even if a person never tries healing touch therapy again, I am ecstatic when they take the chance to try Reiki and gain something from their single session. Remarks I’ve heard after a single Reiki session include the following:

  • “I was so anxious when I first entered this room that I felt as though I could hardly breathe. I feel brand new now that you’ve given me Reiki! I actually feel lighter as a result of my deep, unrestricted breathing. My outlook on life has improved.”
  • “I had not experienced joy in years until the Reiki session.”
  • “I have a love for myself today that I have never felt before thanks to Reiki.”
  • “For the first time, I experienced incredible meditation colors. I received clarity and direction from today’s session regarding my intended course in life. I’m going to make some adjustments when I get home!”
  • “That was the most I’ve ever allowed myself to unwind. That felt so good.”

Once a Month Reiki Results

How Often Should I Receive Reiki - What You Should Know

Here is a client’s experience, who received Reiki once a month for a total of fourteen months. This man initially entered the clinic suffering from a debilitating physical condition as well as excruciating grief. During our first session, his energy was frenetic and jagged, and he was having trouble breathing, he was so worked up. I collaborated with him using Reiki to start figuring out how to help the energy start to flow and become calm once more.

In situations like this, crying during Reiki is common, and this client’s tears during our first session helped ease the tension. At the end of that hour, the man had made huge headway in finding balance. He gave me a heartfelt thank you before leaving. However, this man made the wise decision to schedule another session for the following month while some people might have stopped scheduling after that first release.

After more than a year, I recently saw this client for his fourteenth Reiki session, and let me tell you: he has completely changed, in the best way possible. His energy is flowing and healthy (His physical and emotional states are in balance and are vibrant, as I can see from his chakra colors and affect. He has begun to emerge from his grief after working through it, and he has discovered a variety of techniques for managing his chronic illness in addition to Reiki.


How Often Should I Receive Reiki - What You Should Know

Each individual will have a different response to this query. I believe that everything relating to our health and wellbeing will be specific to each of us. Everyone’s needs will vary depending on their lifestyle, dedication to their overall health, and environmental factors. But there are some fundamental rules I adhere to in my practice when it comes to advising clients on upcoming sessions and organizing my own ones.

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