How To Tell Your Mom You Got Your First Period - How to Text?
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How To Tell Your Mom You Got Your First Period – How to Text?

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It can be awkward to discuss periods and other private female issues with your parents, especially if you’re not used to doing so.

You can start by saying something to your mom like, “I feel a bit awkward about this, but I need to talk to you about my first periods”.

After you finish reading, you’ll feel comfortable talking to Mom about your period and other topics.

When Will You Get Your First Period?

How To Tell Your Mom You Got Your First Period - How to Text?

You are practically an expert on puberty already. This transition into womanhood, from breakouts to boobs, has been unexpected. When puberty first begins, or two years after you start to develop breasts, you typically start getting your first period.

Although some girls experience their first period as early as age eight, most young women begin having periods around the age of twelve. Perhaps not until they are closer to the age of fifteen, some of your friends might start menstruating.

If you are between the ages of eleven and fifteen and are exhibiting symptoms, you most likely have your first period soon.

How to Tell Your Mom You Got Your First Period

How To Tell Your Mom You Got Your First Period - How to Text?

Keep It Casual

The idea of a lengthy sit-down discussion itself might be frightening. If that’s the case, try opening the conversation by saying something super casual like, “Was getting your period a worry for you as a young girl, Mom?” I think she’ll get the hint.

Write It Down

Place a note where only your mother would find it (possibly in one of her dresser drawers or her purse) if you find it difficult to start a conversation in person. She’ll find the time to talk to you when she has it, so you won’t have to worry about bringing it up.

Be Direct

Really though, you could just be honest with her about how you really feel.

However, if you really wanted to be direct, just tell her how you really feel. Take a deep breath, walk up to her and say something like, “I know I should avoid doing this, but I have to tell you about my first period.” Your mother will likely try to make the conversation as painless as possible, even though she might be surprised by how quickly you can get to the point.

Signs and Symptoms of Your First Period

How To Tell Your Mom You Got Your First Period - How to Text?

It’s challenging to predict what will happen when your body is undergoing so many changes at once. Knowing the symptoms of your first period is a necessary part of getting it.

Here are a few signs that you might experience prior to your first period.

  • Tenderness and pain in the breasts. It could feel as if you were punched in the chest or that you left your sports bra at home during gym class.
  • Cramps. You’ll probably experience cramps as your period approaches. As they occur lower on your body, cramps resemble a mild stomachache. Below your belly button, in the lower part of your torso, you’ll experience cramps. On one or both sides, cramps may be felt.
  • Feeling tired. You shouldn’t be shocked if you start to feel tired or unmotivated during the day. You might feel sleepy or like you need to take a nap in the days leading up to your period.
  • Breakouts. Before their periods, many women experience acne. It takes place as a result of your body’s changing hormones, which help get you ready for your period.
  • Vaginal discharge is more frequent. As your period draws near, it’s typical to experience increased vaginal discharge. When you least expect it, you’ll experience a thicker, odorless, white discharge.

    Make sure you’re using pantyliners if you’re leaking. Due to their extreme thinness, pantyliners are virtually invisible. To keep them safe and you comfortable, they fit snugly inside your underwear.
  • Experiencing increased emotion. Before your period, you might feel stressed out, sad, or even incredibly happy. You’ll probably experience a variety of emotions, somewhat like a roller coaster.

It’s a good idea to start preparing for your period as soon as you start noticing more symptoms. If your period has already come, you can anticipate experiencing some of these symptoms each month. There’s no need to be concerned; it’s just your body telling you everything is fine.

Getting Prepared for Your First Period

How To Tell Your Mom You Got Your First Period - How to Text?

Mom will likely be informed, so you won’t have to worry about period care supplies. We’ve got the ultimate first-period checklist to make sure you’re covered if you still want to buy some period care items on your own (or give your mom some suggestions).

  1. Pads. You’ll probably want to use pads rather than tampons when you get your first period. Tampons can feel difficult to insert, and most women find that pads fit better after a few additional monthly cycles. (Read More: How Long Can You Keep a Tampon In)

    The amount of fluid a pad can hold determines the various sizes that are available. For your first period, you ought to have a minimum of two different sizes.
  2. Period underwear. We’ll explain period underwear to you if you’ve never heard of it. Period underwear has a special absorbent middle to shield you from leaks but still looks and feels like regular underwear.

    Both at night and during the day, you can wear period underwear. You feel more secure against spills and accidents thanks to the added protection provided by period underwear.
  3. Heating patches. Cramps can be uncomfortable when they occur. A great, pain-free day is possible with the help of Rael heating patches, which are natural patches that fit inside your underwear.
  4. Pimple patches. There is no need for pimples to ruin your day; they simply do occur. For your pimples to lessen and eventually disappear, apply pimple patches, which are tiny, invisible stickers. Squeezing a pimple will only make it worse; instead, resist the urge and grab a pimple patch.
  5. Sheet masks. It’s a great idea to start practicing self-care when you’re on your period. Taking the best possible care of oneself will keep one relaxed, stress-free, and in good health.

    If you use a sheet mask every time you get your period, you’ll probably start to look forward to it as a self-care ritual. In order to reveal healthier, more hydrated skin, sheet masks are applied to your skin for 10 to 20 minutes.

The Takeaway

All women eventually experience their first period. It may seem awkward at first, but talking about it—especially with your mother—is perfectly normal. Every woman needs strong women in their life who can help them understand and get ready for their first period, and your mom probably really wants to be that person.

Your period will last for a very long time. Periods can be awesome with the right period care products. At Rael, we believe no woman ever has to have a “bad” period.


How Do I Text My Mom I Got My Period?

You could write something like, “Dear Mother, I’ve been experiencing period pain recently. Possibly tonight, we could discuss this.”. In this way, she will be the one to start a conversation with you, relieving you of the burden of having to bring it up.

When Should I Tell My Mom About My Period?

You can tell your mom straight away when your period begins. Inform her that you need to talk to her about getting your period now. Since she has experience doing this, you are speaking with a true period professional.

What If a Girl Never Gets Her Period?

If a girl is older than 15 and has never had a period, additional testing may be required. If she has already undergone other typical puberty changes, the need is more pressing. Menstrual periods may not occur in people who are born without fully developed genital or pelvic organs.

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