Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop - The Curious Connection
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Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop – The Curious Connection

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A runny nose and irregular bowel movements have an odd relationship that may seem perplexing. Many people report experiencing this phenomenon of the nose running when pooping, and knowing the potential causes may offer insightful information.

The intriguing relationship between nasal congestion and bowel movements will be explored in this article, along with possible causes and situations in which it might be wise to seek medical attention.

We can better understand the complex workings of our bodies if we can figure out how they are connected.

Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop?

Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop - The Curious Connection

Due to the nervous system and parasympathetic mode, your nose might start to run when you poop! During a bowel movement, the nervous system goes into the parasympathetic mode, sometimes called “rest and digest.”

It differs from the sympathetic mode, sometimes called “fight or flight.” It widens blood vessels, which results in a nose running and a reflexive sneeze. It also causes blood vessels in other places to widen.

This topic has been covered in-depth here. Most frequently, nose running when you poop are caused by the gastrocolic reflex. When you eat, your stomach and colon are stimulated, which occurs when food moves through your digestive system. This reaction causes the muscles in your colon to contract, which could increase blood pressure.

A rising abdominal pressure may cause the contents of your intestines to push into your rectum. The vagus nerve, which regulates several internal processes, including the digestive and respiratory systems, may be activated as a result. Your nose may start to run if the vagus nerve is stimulated.

When you have a difficult time passing a bowel movement, your abdominal pressure may increase. This pressure may cause the blood vessels in your nasal passageways to enlarge, causing nasal secretions to increase. Your nose may also run when you poop due to irritation of the mucous membrane there.

Defecation rhinorrhea is the name given to the whole situation. You already heard from us about this up top!

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Is It Normal for Your Nose to Run During Pooping?

When you poop, be prepared to have a runny nose. It might be unpleasant, but there is no danger or reason to be concerned.

If you experience this sensation frequently or if it is followed by other symptoms like abdominal pain or diarrhea, it is best to speak with a medical professional.

Most Common Causes of a Constantly Runny Nose?

An allergy occurs when your immune system attacks a harmless substance, such as dust or pollen. Allergies are typically to blame for persistent runny noses.

Sneezing, a chronic cough, and scratchy eyes or throat are other symptoms that are typical of allergy sufferers.

At any age, new allergies can develop. Many people are surprised when they find out they have allergies as adults, particularly as they get older.

How to Reduce Runny Nose While Pooping?

Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop - The Curious Connection

You can do a few things to lessen the sensation of a runny nose while pooping:

  • Blow your nose first before you go. You might make fewer nasal secretions before starting to poop as a result.
  • Eat fewer meals that can aggravate your digestive system, especially spicy food.
  • Use calming techniques like deep breathing or meditation. It can help to ease tension and stop the gastrocolic reflex from happening.

Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, there are various treatment options for poop-related nasal congestion and running noses. Decongestants sold over the counter may provide relief for some people, while prescription drugs may be necessary for others. The obstruction in the nose may occasionally need to be removed surgically.

Final Words

Your nose runs when you poop, this feeling is frequently brought on by your mucous membrane becoming inflamed or the gastrocolic reflex. Even though it’s unpleasant, there’s no need to be concerned or fear. If this sensation persists or is accompanied by other symptoms, you should visit a doctor.

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