Tattoo Redo - How to Get & How Much Does It Cost?
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Tattoo Redo – How to Get & How Much Does It Cost?

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Guests are encouraged to cover up their undesirable tattoos in the Netflix series Tattoo Redo. The twist is that each client brings a guest to the show, who could be a partner, sibling, friend, coworker, etc. gets to pick the cover-up.

People with undesirable tattoos who would relish the chance to have those eyesores covered are currently being cast in Tattoo Redo. You can get a new tattoo to replace your old one.

Do the Netflix Stars Pay for the Tattoos?

Tattoo Redo - How to Get & How Much Does It Cost?

It’s doubtful that the applicants to the show would have been charged a fee given that the premise of the program is fixing people’s tattoos. The artists who appear on Tattoo Redo gain a lot of exposure from performing tattoo cover-ups on the Netflix series, which not only helps the show’s producers financially but also brings in more viewers.

Whether the costs are entirely covered for those who get tattoos for the show are currently unknown.

For what they receive on some TV shows, like HGTV’s Home Town Takeover, the contestants have to pay. However, it’s likely that customers who get Tattoo Redo pay the full price for the artists’ labor.

Tattoo Redo - How to Get & How Much Does It Cost?

Should a Tattoo Artist Charge for a Touch Up?

In a perfect world, you would leave the tattoo parlor with the ideal tattoo of your dreams. This is not always the case, and your tattoo might require a touch-up sooner than you anticipate.

Perhaps as the tattoo has healed, you have become aware of some flaws. You ought to revisit your tattoo artist and talk about this with them once this has fully healed. Most tattoo artists provide a guarantee for their work. If this is the case and the tattoo has a flaw that was caused by their error, they won’t charge you.

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How Much Should a Tattoo Touch Up Cost?

Tattoo Redo - How to Get & How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the causes of this and the amount of work needed, the cost of the tattoo touch-up will vary. Once the tattoo has healed, some tattoo artists will perform any minor touch-ups without charging you.

If you followed the aftercare instructions carefully and took good care of your tattoo, there should be no issues. Any minor touch-ups can either be done for no charge or for a small fee by your tattoo artist. They will have every right to charge you, though, if they notice that you haven’t taken the proper care of the tattooed skin.

Budget about half of the original tattoo’s cost if you have to pay for a touch-up. This will guarantee that you won’t be caught off guard or surprised when it comes to paying for the touch-up.

Will a Tattoo Artist Touch Up Someone Else’s Work?

Tattoo Redo - How to Get & How Much Does It Cost?

The short answer is yes, but it also depends on why you want to go to a different tattoo artist. Wherever possible, it’s preferable to return to the original tattoo artist for a touch-up because they are familiar with the design and your original consultation. Additionally, they might perform the touch-up for no charge, which is always a plus.

There could be a variety of explanations, including the fact that you’ve moved or don’t get along with the original tattoo artist. If so, there shouldn’t be any issues if someone else wants to refine their work. If it has been a while since your initial tattoo was finished, the situation is the same.

Retouching someone else’s tattoo will undoubtedly incur additional fees from the tattoo artist.


Tattoo Redo - How to Get & How Much Does It Cost?

Every tattoo is unique, just like every person’s skin is unique. Given this, it is challenging to guarantee a perfect result with every tattoo.

Be sure to let the tattoo completely heal before thinking about getting a touch-up, and only after that should you consult your tattoo artist. If a touch-up is necessary, they will be able to suggest it and, if so, what the costs would be.


Tattoo Redo - How to Get & How Much Does It Cost?

Can I Get My Tattoo Reworked?

You can improve or rework faded tattoos. Whether or not a tattoo has faded, it can still be changed to either change the design or completely hide an older tattoo. Rework may involve adding shading and highlighting as well as replacing faded color.

How Do You Get a Tattoo Redone?

Most tattoo parlors offer free touch-ups on tattoos as a part of the initial contract if the artist who did the work can clearly see that it is necessary. However, if it is obvious that aftercare was not explicitly followed, a person may void the possibility of a free touchup.

Can You Get a Tattoo Redone Over?

The good news is that tattoos can be improved upon and redone, thanks to recent advancements in tattooing. Even people with the best tattoo artists occasionally need to have their tattoos redone.

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