Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Period or Just Before Period
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Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Period or Just Before Period

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Many workplaces, educational institutions, and sporting organizations routinely conduct drug tests. It is frequently used to check for the presence of abused drugs in a person’s system. However, some individuals might ponder whether their menstrual cycle can impact the outcomes of a drug test.

Women can submit to a drug test while they are on their period, but they must let the doctor or other healthcare professional know.

In this article, we will explore this topic and provide some helpful information about “When on your period, can you take a drug test?”

Can You Get Tested on Your Period?

Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Period or Just Before Period

Yes, you can. In the workplace, drug testing is frequently a necessary practice. A test may be required of every employee before they can begin working in some cases. It can be challenging for women to decide whether to get a drug test while they are on their period, though. The answer to this question depends on how the drug test operates and how long a person has been menstruating. Furthermore, periods won’t have a significant effect on the results of a urine drug test.

Can You Take Your Urine Drug Test During Your Periods?

During your period, you can take your drug test. Until the sample has been contaminated with blood, the results won’t change. In the morning, urine is particularly concentrated. So, the ideal time to collect the sample is now. A chance exists that the sample could be tainted with blood if it is a period day. The sample is very likely to become contaminated even though the outlet of urine and period blood are different.

Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Period or Just Before Period

A recent study advises against taking a drug test while you are having your period. Taking the samples on the first and second mornings of the period is advised if there is no other option. Make sure the sample is clear when you are collecting it. To prevent contamination, you can clean or wipe the genital areas with tissue paper prior to collecting a sample.

Common Reasons to Take a Drug Test

A drug test or urine test is done due to several reasons like:

  • Analyzing or Checking the General Health

It’s not necessary to perform a urine test only when there is a medical condition. It is sometimes used in circumstances like pregnancy tests or drug analysis tests.

Before any procedure or surgery, a person has a urine test done to determine their current medical status. In addition to blood tests, when someone is admitted to the hospital, a urine test is the first thing done.

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  • To Diagnose a Disease

The diagnosis of a medical condition is made using a urine test if you experience symptoms like back pain, painful urination, abdominal pain, or any other abnormality in your body. Kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, and blood infections are all easily diagnosed through urine tests. Urine testing can establish a disease after the onset of the initial signs and symptoms.

Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Period or Just Before Period
  • Monitoring Health

It helps to monitor your health condition if you are diagnosed with illnesses like UTI or kidney problems.

Things to Consider before and After Drug Test During Periods?

A urine sample is examined on various levels to determine the body’s drug concentration. If you work for a company that advertises itself as a drug-free environment. Prior to the exam, you will receive a one-month notice. Knowing when you will start menstruating is something you can do well in advance.

Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Period or Just Before Period

You can collect the urine sample in the following steps

  • Make sure that the sample container is empty and clean
  • Utilizing tissue paper, wash or clean the genital region now.
  • Try to collect midstream urine because it is free from bacterial contamination present on the outer part of the vagina
  • Once you have taken the urine sample check its color
  • If it is pale yellow, yellow, or transparent you are good to go
  • But you need to collect another urine sample if it is tainted with blood particles.

If it is not possible to take a urine sample without contaminating the blood. The technician can either use a catheter tube to draw blood directly from the bladder, or you can choose the first option. You can also ask to provide the urine sample after your period.

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Final Words

Can You Take A Drug Test While On Your Period or Just Before Period

The administration of a drug test during a woman’s menstrual cycle, however, is not without its challenges, according to some. However, there is a chance that the sample will be rejected. Conducting a visual test is very challenging for the technician.

Asking them to reschedule your drug test after you have finished your period is the best option if the aforementioned advice isn’t working for you.


Is It Okay to Take Drug Test While on Period?

Due to the possibility of blood contamination, urine testing should be avoided during menstruation. Urine samples taken the first or second morning are advised.

Can Menstrual Blood Contaminate a Urine Drug Test?

A urine sample could be tainted by menstrual blood. Your urine’s color can be influenced by vitamin C supplements, candy’s food coloring, and beets’ natural pigment. Anthraquinone laxatives are a type of medication that can impact your outcomes.

Can You Do a Urine Test Just before Period?

avoid examinations two days before and two days after a period, as well as while it is bleeding. When menstruation is present, the urine is frequently contaminated with a significant amount of red blood cells and epithelia, making it impossible to obtain accurate results.

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