Shower Before or After Wax - Everything You Should Know
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Shower Before or After Wax – Everything You Should Know

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When it comes to waxing, everyone seems to have their own set of rules, and everyone seems to believe that their position is the most rational. Many waxing debates exist, such as the soft wax vs. hard wax, sugaring vs. waxing or whether to exfoliate before your appointment.

Should you get a wax before or after taking a shower? is a common waxing query that we’ll address today.

Warm baths or showers can help your skin become softer before your waxing appointment, making hair removal easier, but you should try to avoid taking a shower right before waxing.

Here is all the information you require regarding waxing and showering.

Waxing and Showering: The Truth

Shower Before or After Wax - Everything You Should Know

People don’t seem to agree on the best practice, which is the fact of the matter. Some estheticians will advise taking a shower before waxing, while others will advise against it.

We suggest taking a shower prior to your waxing appointment. here’s why:

  • Working on clean skin is hygienic for the wax technician. A standard shower will do; you don’t need to take one that is special. Try to avoid taking a shower right before waxing, though. Take a shower a few hours or at least 30 minutes prior to your waxing appointment. It will also give your body’s temperature a chance to return to normal and give your skin time to dry completely.
  • A quick shower can also help to open pores and soften skin. Water that is lukewarm or room temperature will do.
  • Showering will remove any sweat or lotion buildup, leaving the area clean and prepared for waxing.

How to Shower before Waxing

Here is some advice for showers before waxing:

  • At least 48 hours prior to your appointment for waxing, avoid using hot water and saunas. Your skin will become dry and more prone to irritation or infection if you use hot water. If you use hot water close to your waxing appointment, your chances of getting skin damage during the procedure significantly increase! If you’ve been in hot water before getting waxed, your skin might even come off. Therefore, skip the hot showers before visiting the wax spa.
  • Use of a body scrub, body mitt, brush, or any other exfoliation tool is not recommended. To prepare your skin for waxing, exfoliation is crucial, but it must be performed about 48 hours beforehand to soften the follicle. Exfoliating right before waxing will reduce your skin’s protective barrier and make it overly sensitive. Exfoliation does not replace waxing, but waxing does remove the topmost layer of skin, so waxing in addition to exfoliation would be quite aggressive.
  • After your shower, avoid using deodorant, lotion, or oils. These items must be removed prior to waxing because they will reduce the adherence of wax to the skin. To calm and soften the skin prior to your appointment, use a moisturizing soap bar or body wash.
  • Avoid wearing constrictive clothing to your waxing appointment. To prevent friction and sweating after waxing, you will need loose fitting clothes made of natural materials that let your skin breathe.
  • If you find it simple to do it on your own and are confident that you can do it correctly, you can cut your hair a little. This only applies if the hair is too long (more than half an inch), as very long hair will increase the pulling force and consequently the pain during the waxing procedure. You can also hold off until the wax artist assesses your hair’s length to see if trimming is required. As a result, hair cannot be properly grabbed and pulled out when it has been overly trimmed. Professionals are best equipped to handle it, but there may be an additional fee.

How to Shower After Waxing

Shower Before or After Wax - Everything You Should Know

If you feel the need to or it would make you more comfortable, you can also take a shower after waxing. You should always take some precautions into consideration:

  • After getting waxed, avoid taking a shower right away. With the help of a post-depilatory lotion, your esthetician will clean the area they waxed, removing any wax residue while soothing the skin and keeping the area tidy for a while. Two hours after waxing, take a shower in lukewarm water to help your body temperature return to normal and your skin lose some of its oversensitivity.
  • Avoid using hot water, using steam, going to the sauna, or getting thermal treatments. Avoid the beach and swimming pools as well. You run the risk of becoming sick if you go to these places.
  • Avoid using excessive coloring and/or strong fragrances in shower products like soap or gel. After waxing, your skin doesn’t require any more chemicals! The same principle holds true for lotions, deodorants, and perfumes and body mists.
  • Exfoliating immediately after waxing is never recommended. The skin is sensitive and prone to irritation because the pores are already open. It would become even more sensitive after exfoliation.
  • Pat the skin dry instead of rubbing it to remove moisture.

Why Shower After Waxing is Not Safe

The hair pores open right after waxing, allowing water to enter them during a shower.

When you take a hot shower, the hot water will enter the hair’s pores. Although it speeds up hair growth, it also makes it dry and sensitive to the touch.

This will result in discomfort and itching. After waxing, you shouldn’t take a hot bath to avoid skin issues.

Your scalp will get dry from hot water. Dandruff, irritated skin, and itching can all result from a dry scalp.

After waxing, if you wash with cold water, the water will enter the pores and close them.

The skin won’t receive the proper nutrition as a result, which can lead to internal illnesses in the body and a lack of sweating. Your health can be negatively impacted by poor water quality.

The amount of hair after waxing can be decreased with cold water. As the hair cuticle closes in cold water, the volume of the hair may be diminished.

Do not shower after waxing. Give your skin some time to acclimate to the room’s temperature. By doing this, you can avoid unfavorable circumstances.

Do not use a sauna or a hot shower for 24 hours following waxing. Your skin will suffer severe irritability and harm as a result. Use lukewarm or warm tap water in place of cold.


Shower Before or After Wax - Everything You Should Know

A warm shower is always a good idea, especially if you intend to wax before 30 minutes.

It can facilitate hair removal by opening pores that would otherwise be closed.

If your pores are opened up, waxing will go more quickly, without as much discomfort, and easier.

When the skin temperature rises, be careful because the skin may come off.

The hot wax that was applied during the procedure may irritate your skin or burn you if you wax after this. The process might be ruined, and you might end up harming your skin.


Is It OK to Shower Before Waxing?

Prior to your hair removal waxing appointment, we advise taking a shower. The wax technician can work more hygienically if they are working on clean skin, which is why. It’s not necessary to take a special shower; a regular shower will do.

What Not to Do Before Bikini Wax?

To prevent irritation, don’t exfoliate 24 to 48 hours before waxing. (However, in order to keep your skin soft in between waxing sessions, we strongly advise you to exfoliate a few times a week.) On the day of your wax, avoid applying any lotions, potions, creams, or other similar products to your body.

How Do You Prepare for a Bikini Wax?

Getting the best results requires prepping the area with a shower and exfoliation. 3. After a Brazilian or bikini wax, loose-fitting clothing and cotton underwear will become your best friends. The most comfortable, they allow your skin to breathe right after waxing.

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