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How to Roll a Perfect Blunt With Simple Ways

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There may be times when you want to switch things up a bit, even though joints are a straightforward and practical way to consume cannabis. Learning how to roll a blunt, if you’re up to the challenge, can add some flavor to your smoking experience.

A weed blunt is a hollowed-out cigar wrapper filled with marijuana, if you’ve never heard of one before (or maybe you have, but don’t know what it means). While blunts might not be as well-known or well-liked as joints, they do offer a distinctive flavor and smoking experience. You can learn all about rolling the ideal marijuana blunt here, along with some useful rolling advice.

What Is A Blunt?

A blunt is a cannabis flower that has been wrapped in a tobacco leaf. The high from marijuana is energized and buzzed by the tobacco. In shops that also sell rolling papers, blunt wraps are frequently available in packs of 1 or 2. Frequently, they are flavoring. A cigar or cigarillo can also be split open, its contents removed, and the wrapping used to create a blunt.

Joints don’t last as long as blunts, which are larger. Although they do not contain tobacco, joints are made with rolling paper (such as those made from hemp fiber). Despite this, the roll-up of both blunts and joints is made entirely of cannabis flower.


  • Slow-burning
  • Great for sharing in larger groups
  • Tobacco adds a buzzy, energetic feel
  • Wraps are available in a variety of flavours


  • Smoking tobacco is harmful to health
  • Tobacco and extra flavours can change the taste of the strain
  • Potentially harsher smoke
  • Learning to roll one takes time

How To Roll A Perfect Blunt

Step 1: Grind The Cannabis

The process of rolling a marijuana blunt begins much like rolling a traditional joint: by grinding your buds. Making the preparations first makes the process run much more smoothly. Because you don’t have to interrupt what you’re doing to grind weed, the process feels seamless when your marijuana is prepared in advance.

As we previously discussed, you could crush your buds with your fingers, but that’s not exactly the fastest or cleanest method. Grinders simplify the task and keep your fingers clean while providing a more consistent grind. By using a grinder, you can keep the trichomes from falling off, which can happen when you manually break up your buds. If price is a concern, there are many excellent grinders available for reasonable costs.

Put 1 to 2 grams of the marijuana strain of your choice in your grinder to make some grinds for your blunt. Give the lid a few good turns before closing it. The pieces of your buds should be small, just like when rolling a blunt, but you don’t want to grind them to dust.

Step 2: Get & Prepare Blunt Wraps

It’s time to get your blunt wraps and get them ready after your cannabis has been finely ground. Once more, you have two options: either use a blank sheet of paper and start from scratch, or take a cigar (or cigarillo) and empty out its contents. If you choose the latter, your knife (or other sharp object) will be useful in this situation. While you could disassemble the cigar by hand, you run the risk of tearing the wrapper. A blade expedites and simplifies processes. Throw the tobacco inside once it’s opened.

Many seasoned blunt smokers have discovered they prefer one kind of wrapper over another, and the kind they select becomes their go-to for rolling blunts. To find the blunt wrap you prefer as a beginner, don’t be afraid to experiment with various varieties. Finding out what kind of blunt wrap you enjoy comes before learning how to roll one.

Step 3: Wet Blunt Wrap

The next step is to lightly moisten your blunt wrap. As a result, it becomes more malleable and simple to control. There are a few options available to you. Use your saliva as one option. Please bear with me even though it sounds strange. Others lick the wrap. Even though it’s not my preferred approach, it gets the job done. Your other option is to get some water and kind of “paint” it on the wrap with your finger.

Whichever method you use, make sure not to overwet the wrap. The wrap becomes difficult to handle and may even tear or break if there is too much moisture present. Attempting to smoke a blunt rolled with a too-moist wrap can lead to it “running” or burning unevenly. Such circumstances are not what you want to encounter. Just enough moisture will make it more workable. The perfect wetting of the blunt wraps is essential to rolling a blunt.

Now, if you do manage to get the wrap too wet (and it happens, I’ve been there), you might still be able to salvage it. Using the flame of your lighter, carefully dry it out. Just be careful not to overdo it or you might end up burning the blunt wraps and have to start over with a new one.

Step 4: Fill the Weed Blunt

The blunt wrap should now be filled with your ground marijuana. A rolling tray will be extremely helpful in this situation. Make a small trough in the wrapper with your fingers while holding it in one hand. To handle my weed more conveniently, I use my non-dominant hand.

Then, slowly begin filling it. Place a pinch of your marijuana at a time along the length of the wrap. Keep in mind to be mindful of your usage. While you want it full, you don’t want to overfill it. You’ll still need to be able to roll the wrap back up and seal it.

Step 5: Roll and Seal the Blunt

We’re almost there, but how to roll a blunt still requires one more important step. Rolling and sealing the blunt is required before it can be smoked. To accomplish this, gently swivel the wrapper back and forth between your fingers to distribute the weed evenly. A lumpy blunt with bulges and weak spots is not what you want.

Bring one wrapper edge over your bud and tuck the other side under it so that it is uniformly thick. After that, you should either use saliva or water to seal it. If using saliva, lick the blunt wrap’s interior and firmly press it down. You could also moisten your finger and run it inside the wrap before applying pressure. In either case, the wrapper ought to adhere to itself, sealing the container around the marijuana.

Step 6: Light and Smoke

Finally, you’re prepared for the final (and best) step in learning how to roll a blunt: lighting and smoking your expertly wrapped marijuana blunt. But before you light up, you’ll want to “bake” it. To secure the seam, strike your lighter and move the flame along it.

Bake your blunt, then light the end of it on fire. Inhale the smoke by pulling it in through the other end.

14. How to Roll a Perfect Blunt With Simple Ways

How To Roll A Blunt With A Cannabis Fan Leaf

Let’s say you’re not into tobacco. Luckily, you can still enjoy “cannagars” and other styles of blunts that use a cannabis leaf as a wrap. The leaves will at most contain trace amounts of THC, but they do improve the flavor and aesthetic.

  1. You will first need to obtain some cannabis leaves. Because of their wider shape, leaves from indica strains typically perform best. If you don’t have access to leaves, blunt paper made of hemp works just as well. In order to use hash oil as glue, you will also need some sticky concentrate.
  2. Use semi-fresh fan leaves that have had a week to dry out before rolling your blunt. Fresh leaves are too wet to burn effectively and are rough on the throat, and overly dry leaves will crumble.
  3. Use a few of your largest fan leaves and put them in a book to keep them flat while they dry out.
  4. Using a fan leaf, trim the two largest fingers closest to the stem once it has dried.
  5. Take the smaller of the two leaf fingers, stuff it with marijuana, and roll it up like a standard blunt. Apply some hash oil to the edges to serve as an adhesive, then seal tightly. Consider where the glue would be on a roll of paper. If this wrap is not very tight, don’t worry. It’s essential that the weed is kept in check.
  6. Take the other leaf finger, and use your concentrate glue to coat the inside of it. At this point, tightly roll this leaf finger into a spiral shape and place it over the top of the cannagar. If more oil or concentrate is required, use it to help it stick.
  7. Before smoking the blunt, give it time to dry out. The time this takes will vary depending on how much “glue” you had to use and what it consisted of. Once dry, smoke away!

How To Roll A Blunt With A Glass Filter

We get to practice rolling a blunt with a glass filter tip today! Why do we bother with glass filter tips, you might be wondering.

Traditionalists will continue to use paper, but novice smokers will appreciate this. You can smoke all of your herb with it; nothing enters your mouth, and there is no resin to get on your fingers, lips, or anything else. They are also portable.

Open It All Up

Once the leaf has been removed, lengthwise-cut the cigar with a knife. This will open up the cigar and allow you to empty the “guts” into the garbage.

Gently slide the guts out rather than forcing them. The cigar could be torn if you push it.

If you don’t have a knife, you can simply tear a straight line in the cigar with your fingers. Work your way down to the bottom of the cigar starting at the top and starting the tear with your thumbs.

We’re assuming that you’ve already ground your herb. This really needs no explanation.

Fill It Up & Seal

To keep the cigar open, dampen it.

Then start carefully pouring in your herb, making sure you don’t waste any. Fill the blunt evenly with marijuana. Fold and roll the blunt upward around the weed to start forming it.

Keep the blunt tight as you tuck the wrap around the marijuana. Press down to secure it by starting to lick the blunt’s edge. Secure everything but the last bit.

Slide In The Glass Filter

Grab your glass filter, place it inside the blunt’s unsealed end, moisten and seal the end, and then use the glass filter. Reroll the earlier removed outer leaf onto the blunt after moistening it. Once it has dried, enjoy it!

An Expert Blunt Roller Is What?

PBRs, also known as professional blunt rollers, are highly sought-after in the entertainment sector.

Cannabis-loving celebrities maybe passionate about their herb, but they frequently lack the time to roll their daily blunts.

Consider Snoop Dogg as an example. He said his PBR was always on the deck. In fact, he’s grown close enough to Snoop to be able to predict when the rapper needs a blunt.

He gets a PBR rolled up if he appears stressed. The roller makes a blunt to celebrate when Snoop receives good news.

Rapper Quavo also employs a professional blunt roller, who is actually his assistant and receives a daily salary of about $5,000.

More recently, rapper and recording artist Kid Cudi took to Twitter, asking for “serious inquiries only” for his new professional blunt roller position.

He’s not the only famous person in need of an extra set of hands and dexterous fingers, though we’re not sure if that position has been filled.


Try a marijuana blunt if you want something a little different from the standard joint. You have the option to vary your cannabis consumption by rolling a blunt differently than a joint and smoking one differently.

In addition, it’s relatively simple to learn how to roll a blunt, so people usually pick it up quickly. The procedure can go much more smoothly if you do some preparation work and have all of your supplies ready to go. After you’ve ground your marijuana, all that’s left to do is prepare your blunt wraps, stuff them, and seal them.

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