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16 Things a Man Feels When He Hurts a Woman

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It’s never a good thing when a man hurts a woman, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, especially the woman they love

Do men hurt the one they love? are questions that some women ask out of confusion.” Another question is “Does he care that he hurts me?” Others have become so angry that they have questioned, “If he loves me, why does he hurt me?” Or “He keeps hurting me emotionally; why is that?”

Read this article all the way through if you are in this situation and want to know what happens when a man hurts a good woman or how a man feels when he hurts a woman.

What Does It Mean When A Man Assaults A Woman?

What does it mean when a man harms a woman or when a man harms a woman he loves?

It certainly means a lot, is the response. The first thing that happens when a man hurts you is a range of emotions. When his woman is broken, a man experiences a variety of emotions, including rage, frustration, disappointment, and resentment.

Depending on what sparked the argument or fight in the first place, a man may experience different emotions. As an illustration, he might say something that annoys you or accuse you of doing something you didn’t.

In a similar vein, a man may act in a manner that you find objectionable or repeat an action that you have previously warned him against. If anything, he might put you on guard. Be aware that these occurrences may or may not be intentional.

Although he won’t express his emotions out loud, he is thinking a lot. When a man wrongs you, he makes you feel bad with his words or actions. It’s critical to learn how to make a guy feel bad for hurting you if he is unaware of what he is doing.

How Do You Respond If A Man Offends You?

He Feels Instant Regret

Have you ever noticed how he acts after making a hurtful comment? After causing you harm, does his behavior toward you change significantly?

He may then act apologetic, distant, or cold all of a sudden. Why he feels this way is not difficult to understand: he acted in a way that he knows will hurt you.

He Tries To Justify His Actions

And here’s another way that men approach this issue: by rationalizing their behavior. Have you ever witnessed a man attempt to excuse his inappropriate behavior?

He might say, “I didn’t mean to hurt her,” for example. Trying to cheer her up was all I was trying to do. I was merely trying to be helpful.”

The alternative is “I didn’t mean to say those things.” All I wanted was for her to be content.”Yes, you’re correct. Men are inherently wired for action. And consequences are a given for every action.

It’s impossible for a man not to know that he has hurt someone when he says or does something that causes pain and suffering. It’s impossible to not be aware of whether he causes harm to anyone through his words or deeds.

He Feels Ashamed

Despite our best efforts, we occasionally lose control of our anger and say something regrettable.

When I was younger, I can still recall the hurtful things I used to say to the people I loved. It was the result of my inability to manage my emotions.

Although I’m not proud of it, it happened more frequently than I’d like to admit. When you’re upset, you just snap at those around you because you think they’re to blame.

He Feels Confusion

Confusion is another emotion listed under “How a man feels when he wrongs a woman.” He may have never hurt a woman in that way before, and he’s still unsure of what made him do it.

This is frequently observed in emotional and mental suffering, though it can occasionally also be physical. For instance, he might hit or insult his partner out of the blue or snap at her.

If you’ve known him for some time and this behavior is something you’ve never seen before, his confusion may be sincere. He might be more agitated overall because he is under stress in other areas of his life.

In contrast, if he has previously injured you in this way, he shouldn’t be acting confusedly because it was a deliberate act, and he needs mental health treatment.

He Wants To Make Things Right Immediately

He will see one light at the end of the tunnel to put an end to all the emotions racing through his mind: making it up to you, right away.

And this can frequently make things worse than they already are because, in his haste to make amends for hurting you, he may become irate and frustrated that you haven’t yet agreed to listen to him.

The last thing you’ll want to do at that point is “hear his side of things,” but he won’t get it.

The only thing he wants is for the pain to end as soon as possible because he detests the fact that he hurt you in a way he never imagined he could.

Therefore, he might try to appease you or apologize bomb you until you cave.

Additionally, it’s possible that he will become even more irate because he believes that by trying to make things right, he is the good guy and that by choosing to hold on to your pain, you are the bad guy.

Things a Man Feels When He Hurts a Woman

He Feels The Burden Of Knowing That He Caused Her Pain

Although it is a very difficult situation, it occurs more frequently than you might imagine.

A woman may argue with her man and later feel bad about what she said or did.

He understands that men are built to protect women, so he feels burdened by this fact.

This implies that he feels obligated to cheer her up if she’s upset. And until he learns how to stop acting in a way that harms her, he can’t do that.

However, the reality is that there is no worse feeling than realizing you have hurt a loved one.

Even though the indications in this article will help you comprehend how a man feels when he wrongs a woman, it may be beneficial to discuss your situation with a relationship coach.

He Tries To Make You Feel Better

A nice guy will do more to assist in the pain’s relief after apologizing. This could be as simple as making you laugh with his bad jokes, or it could be something more substantial like buying a gift. If he thinks he’s going to lose you, he might even make a last-ditch effort to win your love.

He Feels Disappointment

Speaking of disappointment, if a man’s “hero instinct” functions as it should, he will experience this when he wrongs a woman.

Why? Because it is in men’s genetic make-up, thanks to evolution, to defend the women in their lives.

So, the question, “Can a man feel bad if he hurts a woman?” largely depends on how his hero instinct works. If everything goes as planned, he would feel disgusting for injuring a woman.

He Feels Scared That You May Never Forgive Him For What He Said Or Did

Okay, I know you’re thinking this one is pretty obvious, but I’ll say it anyhow: He fears that you won’t ever pardon him for what he did.

He will be much more likely to apologize if you can make him realize that it’s not about him forgiving himself, but about you forgiving him.

He will be much more likely to apologize if you can make him realize that you are the one who needs to forgive him, not he who needs to forgive himself. Make sure he comprehends that if you want to aid him in his apology.

He Doesn’t Want To Take Responsibility For His Actions

When a man commits an error, he cannot simply acknowledge it and apologize while abdicating responsibility. That would indicate that he is not entirely in charge of his thoughts and words. And a man doesn’t want to admit that to anyone, including himself!

But if he can admit it, then both of you will accept responsibility for your actions. Because he is prepared to accept responsibility for the issues that came up between you and him, he will be prepared to apologize and make amends. And so are you!

He Thinks He Did The Right Thing

When a man commits a sin, he also believes that his actions were morally correct.

He feels that it was the right decision for you as well as the best option for him. He believes it will “fix” things between you or “help” you. However, may I be completely honest with you?

He made a mistake by doing what he did. In fact, I’m fairly certain that it was the wrong thing to do. Although he is aware of this, he still believes that what he did was the right thing to do. This is where the guilt comes from.

He Feels In Control

Some men desire total control over the lives of the women they are close to. They can do this, for example, by repeatedly inflicting harm on the women, keeping them under the man’s control and living in constant fear of him.

They were hurtful in their reminder to the woman that they were in charge of her life and could do whatever they pleased. Such men will never express regret for harming a woman. They will simply carry on as usual.

He May Seek Attention Outside The Relationship Without You

This played a significant role in the breakdown of my relationship. I yearned for attention from other potential partners because of my low self-esteem. I was dependent on the affirmation and approval of other women.

He might enjoy compliments, flirting, and seductive looks. I hope you haven’t found him on any dating websites or apps. I would also do that because I so desperately wanted the attention. Possibly he also longs for compliments on how cool he is, how great he looks, or what a great job he has. The fact is, he simply craves attention like crazy.

He looks to other people for attention and approval, but what about you? Self-esteem is a real pain. He feels that he needs to either find ways to demonstrate his worthiness to others or to himself. ‘I must be great if other people think I’m great, right?’

He Feels Apologetic

When a man hurts a woman, he will apologize because of those same emotions of suffering, regret, and guilt. He’ll want it known that his actions were not intended and that he wants to make things right.

Men’s emotions can be difficult to read, but if you observe him going above and beyond to make things right, this is a sign that he is sorry for what happened. He could, for example, give you more attention, provide you with things (material and otherwise), and promise never to act in the same way again.

He Goes Quiet

This is the most frustrating response to your partner knowing he emotionally hurt you, because this is also what a guy might do if he has no idea he hurt you. However, it is still true that some guys will become quiet and seek solitude because they feel so bad for hurting you.

He May Enjoy Seeing You In Pain Or Suffering For The Relationship

I don’t mind if you hate me; that’s sick, huh. This is a difficult topic to discuss, and I say this with all sincerity. When a man’s self-esteem is extremely low, watching his partner suffer serves as validation. Being able to watch someone endure hell for us and suffer because of us can actually make us feel proud.

It’s a dose of the “I’m worthy” drug, which makes people think “Look how crazy this person gets for me, I must be worthy.”

Enough said; it’s time to end the relationship. Nothing ever excuses harm.

He Promises To Change

If a man cares about you or loves you, he will try to persuade you that he won’t do anything to hurt you again. His resolve to treat you better and improve as a man will be frequently mentioned.

What Should You Do If A Man Injures You?

The best thing to do is to let him know that you’re hurt and why. Ideally, you’ll be able to handle this calmly without yelling at him or calling him names.

Many women opt to remain silent, possibly out of apprehension of conflict or because they want their partner to recognize the issue and resolve it on his or her own without their intervention.

Explaining how you feel, however, will help you resolve this conflict more quickly. A good guy will now take action to talk to the issue and find a solution.


You two can eventually overcome this. He will always love you, and you will have an unbreakable bond. You were the girl who guided him to the greatest love in the universe, and he’ll never forget that. Be persistent, but immediately come up with a plan. You are also suffering along with him. If he won’t draw a line in the sand and change his life, it might be time to move on.

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