How Long Do You Keep a Vodka-soaked Tampon In - What's the Risk?
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How Long Do You Keep a Vodka-soaked Tampon In – What’s the Risk?

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It’s dangerous to put a tampon soaked in alcohol inside of you. You won’t pass the breathalyzer test if you try to get a Vodka-soaked Tampon In.

A purported trend that has been reported in numerous media outlets involves soaking tampons in vodka or other alcoholic beverages. But the majority of the claims are improbable, and the practice has been completely disproved by a number of reliable sources.

However, there are a few isolated instances where it’s possible that some adolescents or young adults actually tried this disturbing procedure, and the stories will probably encourage more adolescents and young adults to try it in an effort to get wasted quickly while avoiding detection. This article examines why it is illogical to try to get drunk in this way and demonstrates how dangerous it can actually be.

Can Vodka-Soaked Tampons Help Avoid Breathalyzer Detection?

Teenagers and young women are advised to use vodka-soaked tampons in the vagina to prevent bad breath and the possibility of being detected by an alcohol breathalyzer test. However, it is illogical to believe that the breath will be uncontaminated given that alcohol is absorbed through various parts of the body and then enters the bloodstream. Actually, breathalyzers measure a person’s BAC or Blood Alcohol Content, so the test isn’t really based on how much alcohol is in the person’s breath per se but rather how much is in their blood.

Tampons won’t be able to hide their use if they are soaked in any type of alcohol, which eliminates the one seemingly plausible explanation for the alleged trend in this practice.

How Long Do You Keep a Vodka-soaked Tampon In - What's the Risk?

Soaking Tampons in Vodka – Practicalities

Several bloggers and other people have tried the practice to see if the rumor is true, but they have been unable to make it work. Alcohol virtually destroyed cardboard applicators and tampons, making vaginal insertion difficult to impossible. One blogger who succeeded in inserting a tampon soaked in vodka complained that the pain was immediate and severe and didn’t feel at all intoxicating.

In addition, the amount of alcohol that a person could expect to be kept in a tampon before insertion is extremely low — possibly less than one shot. The procedure is typically so challenging to perform that no intoxication will result, but in some cases, successful insertion — in the right circumstances — could cause over-intoxication or alcohol poisoning.

This is because alcohol that is absorbed through mucous membranes (and avoids the stomach’s mitigating effects) acts on the body much more quickly and intensely than alcohol that is absorbed through more conventional methods.

Vodka-Soaked Tampon – Medical Explanation

How Long Do You Keep a Vodka-soaked Tampon In - What's the Risk?

Direct alcohol contact with mucous membranes causes those tissues to become inflamed and deteriorate right away. The vagina in particular, which has extremely delicate membranes all over, is a prime example. This delicate sexual organ could be harmed by even one instance of this practice.

The proper functioning of the human vagina also necessitates a delicate balance of native bacteria and flora. Alcohol and other foreign substances can throw off this equilibrium and result in serious issues like yeast infections, urinary tract infections, pain and sensitivity, and offensive odors.

How Long Do You Keep a Vodka-soaked Tampon In - What's the Risk?

In practice, the medical theory that suggests inserting alcohol into various body parts can bypass the gut’s digestive processes. In fact, receiving alcohol-containing enemas has reportedly caused many people to become intoxicated, some of whom were in a dangerous way.


It’s important for parents, educators, and law enforcement to take all reports of this nature seriously, but it’s unlikely that using Vodka-soaked Tampon In has become popular. The truth is that a small number of isolated individuals have tried it, with mixed results, which sparked sensationalized news reports that were not verified, which in turn encouraged more uninformed individuals to try it, most to their detriment. Although it’s unlikely that anyone providing aid in an emergency will check a young person’s vagina for a source of contamination, communities and medical professionals are urged to keep this in mind as a potential source of issues.

Disproving the alleged trend is one thing, but everyone still needs to be vigilant for any related issues. You should warn a friend who is considering trying this method that it is unlikely to be effective, could harm their sexual organs in the long run, and might even cause acute poisoning and death. Trying to get high using a Vodka-soaked Tampon is, in all honesty, not worth the effort.

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