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How to Get Sunscreen Out Of Eyes – How to Stop Burning

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The importance of sun protection is not diminished even though summer may be coming to an end. Even though you cover yourself with sunscreen, some may still get into your eyes. It is excruciatingly painful to get sunscreen in your eyes. A burning sensation that lasts for hours may result from it.

Placing the eye briefly under running water is the most efficient way to remove sunscreen from the eye. To help your eye naturally flush out toxins, blink frequently.

How to Get Sunscreen Out of Eyes

How to Get Sunscreen Out Of Eyes - How to Stop Burning

There may be a stinging or burning sensation if sunscreen gets in your eyes. It’s crucial to use running water to remove the sunblock.

Try not to rub or scratch your eyes as this can aggravate the irritation. Instead, rinse your eyes with water for at least 20 minutes.

Contact an eye doctor or optometrist if you are still in pain after 20 minutes of rinsing your eyes. They will check your eyes for any potential sunscreen-related damage.

As well as removing the sunblock from your eyes with running water, there are other remedies that you may find helpful;

  • Using cool compresses on closed eyelids
  • Flushing out the eye with artificial tears
  • Using antihistamines if allergies are causing irritation in your eyes due to the sunscreen
  • When reapplying sunscreen, be sure to keep away from sensitive areas like near and around your eyes so that this situation does not occur again

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How to Flush Your Eyes With Water to Get Sunblock Out of Your Eyes

How to Get Sunscreen Out Of Eyes - How to Stop Burning

Sunscreen can be removed from your eyes easily and effectively by rinsing them with water. Start by dousing your eye with lukewarm, clean water.

It will be easier to remove any sunscreen cream that may be embedded in the tear film if you use a steady stream of water.

While rinsing, make sure to keep both eyes open to ensure that all of the sunscreens are washed out of both eyes safely and without any long-term effects.

If necessary, after washing your face with lukewarm water, use eye drops like Cleareyes May to help further flush the sunscreen lotion from your eyes.

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How to Get Sunscreen Out Of Eyes - How to Stop Burning

To let the drops enter and wash away any leftover residue at each angle, tilt your head slightly forward and backward.

By tilting, you are making certain that all eye angles come into contact with the drop solution, which can aid in flushing out any lingering particles or fragments of sunscreen lotion from the eye area.

Last but not least, refrain from rubbing or pressing on your eyes after using these drops because doing so may aggravate them even more or cause more of the irritating lotion to enter them.

How to Get Sunscreen Out Of Eyes - How to Stop Burning

Why Does Sunscreen Make Your Eyes Sting?

Applying sunscreen is an essential step in skin care because it helps prevent sunburns and early aging. However, a lot of people discover that their eyes sting or water when they apply sunscreen near their eyes.

Because of this, it may be challenging to put on or keep on sunglasses for an extended period of time. So, what causes this?

The chemicals found in most sunscreens are primarily to blame for stinging sunscreen eyes. Many commercial sunscreen products include potentially irritating ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate, which can burn sensitive skin areas like your eyelids and the surrounding area.

Some sunscreens have oil-based formulas that don’t fully evaporate after use, leaving a lingering film on your face that can irritate your eyes.

If you have particularly sensitive skin or allergies, some ingredients used in some formulas may also sting when applied to the eye area.

Utilizing non-irritating physical blockers, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, can help you avoid this reaction because they don’t penetrate your skin like chemical-based products do and instead sit on top of it.

How to Get Sunscreen Out Of Eyes - How to Stop Burning

These are typically labelled as “chemical free” or “mineral block” options and generally work better for those who suffer from eye irritation due to traditional chemical-based formulations.

When applying sunscreen around the eye area, you should always use gentle methods, patting rather than rubbing, and using a light touch to further reduce any risk of irritations.

What Ingredients in Sunscreen Cause Irritation?

All types of preservatives and fragrances, as well as chemical UV filters like oxybenzone, octocrylene, and avobenzone, irritate the eyes. All of the 14 chemical UV filters that the FDA has approved for use in sunscreens are irritants to the eyes.

The Difference Between Chemical and Mineral Sunscreens

Sunscreens made of minerals physically block ultraviolet radiation rather than using chemical UV filters. UV-blocking natural minerals include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Sunscreens with chemical UV filters shield your skin by absorbing UV rays, while sunscreens made of minerals sit on top of the skin and reflect UV rays back into the atmosphere. However, mineral sunscreens need to be reapplied for maximum effectiveness because they easily sweat off, rub off, and rinse off.

Chemical UV filters won’t enter your eyes when you perspire if you use a mineral sunscreen on your face.

How to Get Sunscreen Out Of Eyes - How to Stop Burning

The Bottom Line

The best method for clearing sunscreen from your eyes is to flush them with cool, clean water. If you have access, use the shower or the hose. If you are out of options, you can also use water that has been splashed from a sink or water that has been in a bottle. Avert rubbing your eyes or adding additional substances that might aggravate the situation. The only thing left to do at that point is wait for the stinging to stop, which shouldn’t take very long. Enjoy yourself and be careful as always.


What Do You Do If You Get Sunscreen in Your Eye?

Put the eye under running water for a while; this is the most efficient treatment. While doing so will remove the lotion from the eye, the burning won’t likely immediately go away. Cool, wet towels applied to the eyes may provide some relief from discomfort.

How Long Does Sunscreen in Eyes Last?

Those who unlucky enough to get sunscreen in their eyes know how painful it can be. Burning that lasts for hours is frequently caused by a really strong spray in the eyes. It may take the victim hours to feel secure enough to open his eyes, particularly if he is outside in the harsh sunlight.

How Do You Get Your Eyes to Stop Burning?

To reduce itching, apply cool compresses. If crusts have developed, use a warm compress to soften them. Another method for removing crusts is to wash the eyelids with baby shampoo using a cotton swab. Almost all causes of burning and irritation, particularly dry eyes, can be helped by using artificial tears 4–6 times per day.

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