How Long Does Dysport Take to Work - How Long Does It Last
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How Long Does Dysport Take to Work – How Long Does It Last

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For those looking for a more youthful and refreshed appearance, Dysport is a popular option. But managing expectations requires being aware of its schedule and expected outcomes.

How long does Dysport take to work? will be discussed in this article. We’ll explore the variables that may affect its efficacy, the typical time frame for noticeable results, and what to anticipate following Dysport injections.

This article will give you information to help you make decisions about your cosmetic treatment journey, whether you’re thinking about Dysport for the first time or looking for more information.

How Quickly Does Dysport Work?

How Long Does Dysport Take to Work - How Long Does It Last

Typically, two to four days after your injections, you can expect to start seeing Dysport results. However, you shouldn’t anticipate seeing your complete results right away after your injection session. You might need to wait between 10 and 14 days for that. It would be wise for you to frequently exercise the treated muscles if you want to see results as soon as possible. This will hasten the spread of the liquid medication throughout the treatment area.

Generally speaking, you should aim to work out the treated muscles 200 times per day. Be as broad-shouldered as you can when treating smile lines. Next, loosen up your mouth. 40 deliberate muscle contractions of the wide grining should be repeated. Four more times throughout the day, repeat this process. If you want to treat crow’s feet, close your eyes as tightly as you can and open them as widely as you can 200 times each day.

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What Else Should I Do After My Treatment?

How Long Does Dysport Take to Work - How Long Does It Last

After your treatment, it’s crucial that you sleep on your back. An excessive amount of pressure might be placed on the treatment areas if you sleep on your stomach or side. Your results may significantly change as a result of this. Applying only cosmetics that can be removed gently will help you avoid applying too much pressure to the areas close to your injection sites.

Additionally, once your treatment is over, you should maintain a fairly constant body temperature. So, within 24 hours of your treatment session, refrain from doing any strenuous exercise and avoid taking a hot bath or shower. You should protect your skin from sun damage diligently after your treatment as well. Make sure you use sunscreen every day, and keep an eye out for warnings about high UV levels in your weather app.

How Many Treatment Sessions You May Need

The majority of patients only require one treatment session to achieve their desired cosmetic results. Extremely severe cases of wrinkles and folds, however, might necessitate two or three treatment sessions before the desired effects are seen. In such circumstances, you won’t have your desired appearance for a few weeks.

You will likely need at least two treatment sessions for painful medical conditions before you feel the desired pain relief. For instance, you might discover that you have fewer migraine headaches after receiving treatment for chronic migraines, but it might take until your second or third session before you start noticing that your migraine headaches are less painful and are accompanied by fewer, or less severe, symptoms.

How Long Will My Treatment Session Take?

How Long Does Dysport Take to Work - How Long Does It Last

A treatment session should typically last between 10 and 20 minutes, but there are a number of variables that can change this estimate. If you try to address several areas of concern at once, for instance, your session will go longer. However, if you only have one problem area, your injections will only take a few minutes.

Additionally, you should be aware that the length of your session depends on how serious your cosmetic issues are. You will require more injections to deliver a dose potent enough to sufficiently relax your tense muscles, the more serious your cosmetic concerns are. Additionally, if you need to combine Dysport injections with other cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers, your treatment session will last longer.

How to Make the Treatment Act Faster

We advise scheduling your treatment for a few weeks prior to the big event if you want to relax your facial muscles while maintaining the ability to make facial expressions for a significant event, like your daughter’s wedding. This allows you plenty of time to wait for the neurotoxic protein to take effect and determine whether you require additional treatment to achieve the desired smooth appearance.

Having said that, none of us enjoy having to wait more than two to four days to see the results of our cosmetic procedures. Instead, we all strive to always feel our most confident. Here are some ways you can see the results of your treatment faster:

Massage the Treated Area

How Long Does Dysport Take to Work - How Long Does It Last

Massage the treated area very gently for five minutes right after your treatment. This is one of the easiest ways to see the results of your injections sooner. Then, throughout the day, massage the treated area four more times for five minutes each. For the following four days, repeat this. You will massage your face for about two hours, or 125 minutes, five days in a row. It will be worthwhile, though.

Ask your partner to give your face a gentle massage if you had multiple injections in your face. You don’t want to spend four hours and ten minutes massaging yourself, even though a massage can help the medication get into your muscles. All you have to do is take it easy, unwind, and enjoy being pampered by a loved one.

Exercise the Treated Muscles

Exercise is a fantastic way to help the neurotoxic protein enter the muscles that have been treated. You are delivering the medication to the proper location each time you contract the treated muscle. Some experts, however, contend that within four hours of receiving your injections, you should carry out three sets of 40 repetitions, spaced 10 minutes apart.

Some people find this technique to be much “more achievable” than massaging the treated area because it takes only one to three minutes to perform. You can raise and lower your eyebrows 40 times in about 20 seconds. It wouldn’t even take six minutes to exercise both muscles if you used Dysport to target two distinct facial muscles, such as your forehead and the muscles around your mouth. They may be worked out consecutively.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

The reason you may have heard a lot about this procedure recently is not because it is superior to Botox, but rather because it is novel and has special advantages. Dysport was created specifically to treat frown lines, as opposed to Botox, which is a more all-purpose treatment. It excels at what it does, and there are several advantages to treatment that merit awareness.


How Long Does Dysport Take to Work - How Long Does It Last

If you’ve been using anti-wrinkle creams and other topical treatments but are growing more and more unhappy with the results, you’ll love this benefit of treatment especially. This is expected because topical medications have their limitations. The only way the real effects occurring beneath the skin can be supported is from the outside.

In the end, the effects of aging make what’s happening beneath the skin, such as the reduction in collagen production, far more important than any potential effects of any topical treatments. This method effectively treats frown lines in a way that topical treatments are unable to because it deals with the problem from the inside. The patient satisfaction rate for those who select this course of treatment is extremely high.


In order to make sure your treatment is effective, some treatments come with a long list of post-treatment care instructions that force you to completely change your lifestyle. How easy it is to care for your skin afterward is one of our favorite aspects of this procedure. Just refrain from a few things for the next 24 hours, such as overheating or rubbing your face. If not, you can immediately resume your regular schedule and way of life.


How Long Does Dysport Take to Work - How Long Does It Last

If this is the first time you’ve had a treatment like this, you might be concerned that you’ll emerge from it looking entirely different. The fact that the outcomes are completely natural is one advantage of this procedure. Only the muscles that are responsible for your frown lines being formed will be affected by this treatment, including the injectable itself and the procedure. You can continue to express yourself naturally as you always have because other muscles won’t be affected.

In the past, in the early days of neuromodulator treatments like Botox, people were worried about looking “frozen.” This was primarily caused by practitioners who were not properly trained and who were unfamiliar with the product. When you choose trained and knowledgeable professionals to provide your treatment today, there is nothing to be concerned about.


The best cosmetic treatment for glabellar lines at the moment is Dysport, despite its less well-known status compared to Botox. The effects of Dysport become apparent faster and last longer than those of Botox.

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