Can You Eat Airheads With Braces - Should You Avoid Them?
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Can You Eat Airheads With Braces – Should You Avoid Them?

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A Dutch-Italian business produces the taffy candy known as “Airheads” in Kentucky. They were invented in the middle of the 1980s, and ever since they have spread like wildfire throughout the entire USA and Canada. Do Airheads work with braces, though?

Airheads cannot be consumed while wearing braces. We strongly advise against consuming any chewy candies due to the fact that Airheads are tiny and may get stuck in the grooves of your braces.

Can I Eat Airheads With Braces?

Can You Eat Airheads With Braces - Should You Avoid Them?

No, you can’t eat Airheads while wearing braces, to put it bluntly. Why, you ask? Well, sticky and difficult-to-chew foods are the exact things that can harm your braces, so you should avoid them whenever you have braces.

It is also obvious that if you have braces, you cannot eat Airheads because they are widely regarded as the benchmark for what is known as chewy candy, along with other extremely well-liked items like Skittles and Starburst.

How to Eat Airheads With Braces?

You should absolutely avoid eating Airheads while wearing braces because, as we mentioned in the previous response, they are a very chewy candy. Due to this, eating Airheads while wearing braces is difficult unless you want to run the risk of harm.

Can You Eat Airheads With Braces - Should You Avoid Them?

Tips to Eat Airheads With Braces

So now you should probably understand that Airheads and braces are really not a good combo. But if you, for some reason, still decide to get some while having braces, at least don’t forget to do these two crucial things afterward:

Tip 1

Prior to brushing your teeth thoroughly, you should wait at least 30 minutes because sugar softens teeth. Because of this, drinking a lot of water will likely be helpful in the interim to aid in the sugar’s exit from the body.

Tip 2

But simply brushing your teeth won’t be sufficient because Airheads are so intensely chewy and sticky. Because of that, you should also use some dental floss – first, tie a knot in it and then get the remains out of your braces using this knot.

Do Airheads Get Stuck in Your Braces?

Yes, due to their exceptional chewiness, Airheads can become stuck in your braces. The biggest issue with eating them while wearing braces is that they are chewy, which means that if you snack on some Airheads while wearing braces, the pressure may cause them to break right away.

Can You Eat Airheads With Braces - Should You Avoid Them?

How to Fix Airheads on Braces?

Just quickly, since we’ve already covered this one, if you still decide to get some Airheads while wearing braces for any reason, it’s highly likely that they’ll get caught in them. Therefore, to fix Airheads on braces, you have to carefully brush your teeth and also use some dental floss if needed.

Are Airheads Considered a Sticky Food?

It’s true that Airheads are regarded as a sticky food, which is one of the main reasons you should steer clear of them when wearing braces. The more important reason, however, is that Airheads are extremely chewy, which could cause your braces to break instantly due to the pressure they produce when you chew on them.

Can You Eat Airheads With Braces - Should You Avoid Them?

Can I Eat Airheads in the First Week of Braces?

As we have already comprehensively explained, Airheads are a big no-no while wearing braces. So it stands to reason that you should avoid eating Airheads during the first week of wearing braces because they could cause damage to your braces even years down the road.

Are Airheads Good to Eat With Braces?

It is not advisable to eat Airheads while wearing braces. In fact, as we’ve covered in great detail above, choosing Airheads is among the worst things you could do. Therefore, avoid Airheads at all costs if you must wear braces because doing so increases the likelihood that they will be damaged.

Candies to Avoid With Braces

Can You Eat Airheads With Braces - Should You Avoid Them?

Chewy Chocolate and Caramel Candies

We advise avoiding any chewy candies like tootsie rolls, taffy, sugar daddies, milk duds, and candy apples. This might be the place where it’s easiest to find delicious substitutes if you’re craving chocolate! Instead of chewy candies that can stick to your brackets, opt for the following:

  • Chocolate candies like plain m&m’s, chocolate bars with no nuts, Hershey kisses, soft chocolate only bars like 3 Muskateers and Kit Kats
  • Baked goods like soft cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, and pie
  • Soft treats like ice cream with no caramel ribbons or nuts, pudding, and milkshakes

Hard Or Jelly Fruit Candies

As Halloween approaches, we are aware of how alluring some of these fruity candies can be. A small price to pay for your stunning new smile, though, is avoiding these candies. Nerds, jolly ranchers, butterscotch, and lollipops are among the problematic hard candies. Avoiding chewy candies includes those like dots, Swedish fish, gummy bears and worms, candy corn, jelly beans, licorice, sour patch kids, starburst, skittles, and airheads as well as jelly beans and jelly beans. Try some of these tasty fruit-flavored snacks instead:

  • Fruity drinks like smoothies and apple cider
  • Soft treats like Jell-O
  • Powdered candy like pixy stix or fun dip (without biting the hard candy stick)

Nuts, Popcorn, and Chips

With braces, you should never eat crunchy savory snacks like Doritos, popcorn, or pizza crust. You should also avoid nuts or candies containing nuts like peanut m&m’s, snickers, mounds, almond joy, and macadamia nut cookies. Instead, go for nut-flavored or softer savory treats:

  • Peanut butter candies like peanut butter m&m’s, Reese’s pieces, or peanut butter cups
  • Cheese puffs
  • Crackers like ritz bits mini crackers or Cheez-it mini crackers that don’t require much chewing

Gum and Hard Minty Candies

Can You Eat Airheads With Braces - Should You Avoid Them?

Gum and hard minty candies can wreak havoc on your braces. Lifesavers, peppermints, and bubble gum will all adhere to your brackets or bend a wire. If you want something that is minty fresh, try:

  • Soft mints that melt in your mouth
  • Mint chocolate
  • Listerine strips

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Airheads are a trendy taffy candy, but if you’re wearing braces, you’re, unfortunately, going to have to say goodbye to them for a while. You should avoid eating Airheads at all costs because they are extremely chewy and sticky, which could easily cause damage to your braces.


Can You Eat Skittles With Braces?

Even sweets with a hard outer shell and a soft interior can harm your braces. If you have braces, you should stay away from Skittles, Runts, Sweettarts, and M&Ms because the shells could get stuck under your wire or pop off your brackets.

Can You Eat a Snicker With Braces?

Avoiding nuts and candies that contain nuts is advised for those who wear braces. Avoid all sweets, including Almond Joy, Snickers, Babe Ruth, PayDay, and Hershey’s with Almonds.

Can I Lick Lollipops With Braces?

If your child has braces and is old enough to comprehend that they are only for licking, then lollipops are acceptable for them.

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