Can I Put Vaseline On My New Tattoo - Is Vaseline Good for Tattoos?
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Can I Put Vaseline On My New Tattoo – Is Vaseline Good for Tattoos?

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You’ll want to flaunt your new tattoo since you just got one. You must first give it time to heal, though, before you can do that. Anyone can find the aftercare procedure difficult, especially when given conflicting advice.

When it comes to tattoo aftercare, vaseline is not the best option. During the first three weeks of a tattoo’s healing process, Vaseline should generally be avoided.

The effects of Vaseline on skin with new tattoos will be discussed in detail in the paragraphs that follow. So let’s get started without further ado!

What is Vaseline?

Can I Put Vaseline On My New Tattoo - Is Vaseline Good for Tattoos?

Vaseline is a product made from 100% petroleum jelly. Common uses for the product include moisturizing dry, sensitive, or damaged skin. Since its widespread use for irritated skin in 1872, petroleum jelly—later known under the brand name Vaseline—has been hailed as a revolutionary product.

Wax and mineral oil are combined to create petroleum jelly, a semi-solid substance that can be melted. When an individual by the name of Robert Chesebrough notices oil workers using oil jelly to treat burns and wounds sustained while at work, he makes the discovery of petroleum jelly. Chesebrough found that this jelly is effective at preventing skin damage and forming a water-resistant barrier for the skin.

Vaseline is often referred to as “wonder jelly” due to its qualities, and some people even suggest using it for new tattoo healing and aftercare. Now, since Vaseline is extremely affordable and accessible, many use it for such purposes and generally have it as a household staple.

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Why Vaseline Isn’t Good for Your New Tattoo?

Vaseline Doesn’t Allow Skin to Breathe

Because of its occlusive agents, studies have shown that 100% petroleum jelly has the capacity to completely clog skin pores. Vaseline can obstruct airflow to the skin even when applied thinly, which can lead to breakouts, acne, and sluggish wound healing.

As a result, applying Vaseline to tattooed skin is not advised. The skin on such a body part is an open wound that needs air to heal and develop new skin layers. By applying Vaseline to the new tattoo, you’re not only hindering its ability to heal but also depriving it of oxygen, which will lengthen the aftercare procedure. Oxygen is necessary for wound healing.

Vaseline Can Mess Up the Ink

Can I Put Vaseline On My New Tattoo - Is Vaseline Good for Tattoos?

What does getting a new tattoo mean? In any case, it indicates that your skin is irritated and damaged, and that the new tattoo hasn’t fully integrated into your skin. And because the skin hasn’t fully healed, this further demonstrated that the ink is vulnerable to damage.

Your skin will be sensitive and behave as a fresh wound for the first few days following the tattoo. Think of Vaseline being applied to a wound that is still open and to freshly applied ink. Of course, the Vaseline will interact with the ink and possibly draw it out of the dermis.

Furthermore, nobody wants this to occur.

Therefore, for the first 24 to 48 hours, we advise that you avoid touching the tattoo with your hands. Your new tattoo will ooze plasma, blood, and extra ink during this time. The tattoo will begin to dry out and naturally begin to heal as soon as the plastic covering is removed. You’ll discover that you don’t even need Vaseline.

Vaseline Can Prolong Healing and Cause Infections

Vaseline can clog a fresh tattoo and stop the skin from rupturing, as we previously mentioned. Now, this can be a dangerous game to play for many reasons;

  • Vaseline blocks the oxygen from entering the tattooed skin
  • Lack of oxygen means the skin is not healing properly or at all
  • A prolonged healing process can attract bacteria and germs into the skin
  • The germs and bacteria can become trapped in the skin and cause a serious infection
  • The infection can completely mess up the new tattoo and require immediate medical attention

We can see that the process from applying Vaseline to infecting the tattoo is fairly quick and easy. Therefore, you must at all costs refrain from applying Vaseline to a fresh tattoo. Even if they are designed for new tattoo aftercare use, this also holds true for other petroleum-based products. Always check the ingredient list when purchasing lotions and creams for your tattoo to see if petroleum jelly is present.

Can I Put Vaseline On My New Tattoo - Is Vaseline Good for Tattoos?

Should You Ever Put Petroleum Jelly on a Tat?

Your tattoo artist might apply a greasy, thick ointment to the area and then wrap it in bandage or plastic wrap. When to take off the bandage and gently wash your tattoo (typically a few hours later), they will instruct you.

Use an unscented water-based lotion after the initial wrapping to prevent the wound from drying out too quickly.

Even today, you might run into a new tattoo artist who suggests applying petroleum jelly to your wound as it heals. Ask if they can suggest a water-based product if you don’t feel comfortable taking the risk. The decision is ultimately in your hands.

Use Vaseline on a new tattoo when it makes sense, right? Just after it has fully recovered (at least a few months) and if the area is very dry.

When Can You Use Vaseline on a Tattoo?

Can I Put Vaseline On My New Tattoo - Is Vaseline Good for Tattoos?

There are some circumstances in which using Vasile on a tattoo is acceptable. Here are some cases where Vaseline use is safe;

During the Shower

You can’t just put a tattoo in water when it is still fresh. The healing process can be sped up with moisture, which can stop skin from drying out. So we should stay away from that. However, how will you shower while your tattoo heals?

The answer is that you’ll cover the tattoo in Vaseline.

To avoid the tattoo getting all messed up, you can do the following;

  • Apply the thinnest layer of Vaseline across the tattooed area before taking the shower
  • Avoid showering the tattoed are directly
  • Once you’re done with the shower, remove the Vaseline from the tattooed area carefully; you can use a wet wipe or wash the area with some lukewarm water and anti-bacterial soap
  • Make sure to tap dry the tattooed are using a paper towel
  • Let everything continue drying on its own
  • Re-wrap the new tattoo with tin foil if necessary

During the Healing Process

The skin frequently becomes very dry, scaly, and itchy during the healing process for tattoos. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline all around the tattooed area to reduce discomfort and help you resist the urge to scratch the ink. Avoid directly putting Vaseline on the tattoo!

Once the Tattoo is Completely Healed

Can I Put Vaseline On My New Tattoo - Is Vaseline Good for Tattoos?

Vaseline and other petroleum-based products can be applied to fully healed tattoos without any issues. The tattoo is no longer an “open wound,” so the Vaseline won’t damage the ink or the skin. Depending on the size, location, and quality of the tattoo, it should take a month or two for your tattoo to completely heal. The aftercare regimen is another important factor in how long the healing process takes, so the better you take care of your new tattoo, the quicker it will heal.

We still advise against using Vaseline anywhere but on the tattooed skin in order to prevent breakouts and acne.


Although petroleum-based ointments have been used for a very long time to protect new tattoos, you should probably stay away from them because they restrict airflow and may raise your risk of infection.

In order for a tattoo to heal correctly, it must be kept clean, exposed to air, and moisturized. Trust your tattoo artist’s advice on aftercare if you want a permanent mark on your body for the rest of your life.

Consult your dermatologist about tattoo care before your ink appointment if you want a little extra assurance that comes with verified medical advice.


What is the Best Thing to Put on a New Tattoo?

Use an ointment like A+D Original Ointment or Aquaphor Healing Ointment or the product suggested by your tattoo artist for the first day or two to aid in the tattoo’s healing.

What Ointment is Good for Tattoos?

For tattooed skin, chapped lips, rough hands, and even calloused feet, Aquaphor is a versatile, affordable product with many uses. To keep the tattoo site moist, Hibler, a fan, suggests using it as soon as you get inked.

Why Do Tattoo Artists Use Vaseline?

Vaseline aids in reducing friction, which could increase pain from a tattoo and slow down healing. Additionally, it prevents the ink from drying on the needle, which eliminates the need for the tattoo artist to repeatedly rinse the crusty ink off and significantly extends the time required for a tattoo.

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